The Whole Foods Boycott

I’m not a big fan of Whole Foods so I haven’t been paying too much attention to the ruckus caused by their CEO’s op-ed against “Obamacare.” I will say that if you’re in charge of a company whose base consists of granola munchin’, organic-grass-fed-freerange-latte lappin’ communist-socialist-birkenstockist liberals drunk on soy and Eugene Debs literature, you may want to keep your conservative views a bit hush hush. It’s not exactly good for business.


  1. I’ve yet to check out a Whole Foods, but I’d rather not toss money into the pocket of someone who’s likely to toss it right back out at some lobbyist group paying to bus loons around the country to scream out debate.

  2. Whole Foods is a poseur’s paradise. You can find some nice stuff there, but don’t delude yourself that “yer saving mother earth”.

    Haw haw.

    Trader Joe’s seems to be a less fascist alternative (though 99% of their produce is wrapped in plastic). Best option is your local Farmers’ Market, if you’re lucky enough to have one close.

    At least your local farmer is less likely to be a wingnut birther townhall-crashing arseball.

  3. Along with this and the boycott of Glen Beck, I’m starting to be suitably impressed that America is speaking with their wallet.

  4. I work at the main headquarters of Whole Foods. We actually had some protesters the other day about this. Only a few people, but they had signs about boycotting us. However, there was also a counter-protest across the street from them of people waving signs about how they love Whole Foods.

    That’s about the most I’ve heard about this at work. I believe people are getting worked up about something that isn’t that big of a deal. John Mackey has always said controversial things and this newest op-ed in the Wall Street Journal is nothing new.

  5. Theres a brand-spanking new Whole Foods right around the corner from my house that I was so excited to shop at.

    I haven’t conciously boycotted… yet… I can’t seem to make myself go in now.

    Telling people that eating right is all you need to do and you dont need health care, just didn’t sit with me right. I know people that eat only natural that deal with very hard medical issues that granola wont cure.

    I may go in some day, but not any day soon… I just can’t.

  6. I like to wonder around Whole Foods. It beats Walmarts nasty produce. But, I make sure to go after work, wearing apparel indicitive of the fact that I build coal fired plants. I can normally get in to some good debates about “global warming”. Its simple really, I shell out the facts, they tell me how they feel. Its histerical!

  7. They have an individual-oriented health plan, which seems to work for their employees. I think it’s an interesting system – like car insurance, you’d be directly involved in the decisions about your care and what you’re willing to pay, but you’d still be covered for larger issues.

    Nobody who has car insurance expects their insurer to provide free oil changes or tire rotations. That’s madness.

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