1. I love when Barney Frank mentions that no taxes have been raised by the Obama Admin and people start yelling and screaming. They don’t know the difference between state taxes and federal. LOL

  2. I did a *blink* when the businessman bitched about having a higher insurance overhead than one of his competitors on a public option. Very simple solution to that buddy – change your insurer!

  3. I do admit i feel better having these smart people like Frank in Washington doing what is best for me. If I remember right from the last time I learned history in fifth grade, having a few smart people manage a complex system always works best. Now I only wish this health business had been passed before the recess like Frank wanted so we wouldn’t have to be thinking about all this right now and seeing all these ignorint people go on and on about things best left to honest politicians.

  4. Ah, billyjoebob–defeatist to the core. Thanks so much for your carefully considered, worthwhile contribution to this difficult debate and the search for a workable alternative to America’s labyrinthine heathcare nightmare. Hope you play again!

  5. I live in CANADA we have FREE healthcare, works pretty good in my opinion. I cannot begin to comprehend how free healthcare has anything to do with Hitler and his Nazi regime.

  6. I live in Denmark, Europe (I´m Danish). We have free healthcare too. These people yelling about nazis and Hitler are totally crazy. We have free education as well also universities, plus 6 weeks vacation each year. I guess they will call that socialism. By the way they don´t know a damn thing about neither nazism or socialism. Embarrassing to listen to people on such a level.

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