Things That Make Me So Happy

Top Chef in Vegas starts tomorrow night.

The good folks at Shakesville got me interested in Top Chef last season and I ended up watching about 12 hours straight of it during a Top Chef marathon leaving me seriously addicted and I almost had to check into a methadone clinic after the season finale.

Then I find out that the upcoming season is going to be in Vegas? I… gotta… sit down.


  1. Hell yeah! Not just the premiere of TC Vegas… but also the finale of Top Chef Masters right after it.

    2.5 hours of mmm mmm good.

  2. OK, OK, your endorsement made me watch. This is a redo of a Japanese show about top chefs in Japan. Pretty much the same thing. Unfortunately, due to my being a vegetarian for 25 years most of the foods on these programs do not really wet my whistle. I guess there is a little bit of drama here but unless you love meat -and lots of it- the show is kinda lame.

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