Scene From Another Town Hall

From — the health care debate gets ugly in Las Vegas when a woman shouts “Heil Hitler” to an Israeli Jew who supports health care reform.

(via Joe My God)

Update, also from Joe My God:

The woman who shouted Heil Hitler is interviewed here:

She’s against reform even though her husband, who works 3 jobs, is uninsured. But she has health insurance through her job. Of course, we’re dealing with a woman who is wearing a shirt that says Israeli Defense Force who just shouted “Heil Hitler” to an Israeli immigrant so I don’t think we were going to get much of a rational response.


  1. Truly disgusting. Glenn Beck is really stirring hard, and has some scraped some serious crap from the bottom of the pot. His advertisers can not leave fast enough.

    Follow the “Joe My God” link to if you dare listen to an interview with this troll. Apparently, she believes in “biblical values”. Also, her husband doesn’t have health insurance. Here’s the kicker: her t-shirt reads “Israel Defence Force”????!!!!

  2. What is the thought process?

    “I’m lucky to have health care through my work, while my husband has 3 jobs and no health care. But health care shouldn’t be guaranteed.”


    I’m not even going to comment on the last, baffling, contradictory, 15 seconds.

  3. Geez, what a “C.U.Next Tuesday”! Hitler claimed to believe in Christian values too.

    I’m glad this is out in the open, and I hope it gets a million hits. The more that people like this are exposed, the better.

  4. I like how she mocks him at the end. He says, emotionally distraught, “You know how much they charged me for 2 hours in the emergency room? $8,000!”

    And she responds by miming a crying baby, saying “Wahhh wahhh.” I.e., “You pussy, us real Americans pay $8,000 and like it, cuz that’s freedom, baby.”

    $8,000 for 2 hours. I suppose she’d just repeat Glenn Beck saying we have the best healthcare in the world. How can any rational person think that $8,000 for 2 hours in the ER is reasonable? The answer is, she doesn’t think it–she is just pure reaction, pure antagonist. Her mind never gets to “thinking it.” Her body just reacts with the taunt. But that’s the level of discourse the health care opposition is at right now.

    Just amazing.

    The real disturbing part of this is when you look at the psychology of it. All of this behavior is traceable, in my opinion, to the current bevy of increasingly ill-mannered right wing heroes. These town hall people identify themselves as victims and the oppressed, when there’s no such evidence they’re being victimized; afraid of everything and everyone who Fox News and Rush and the others tell them to be afraid of, when there’s no evidence anyone is out to get them. Suspicion is reason enough for fear, and fear is reason enough for action and for shutting down rational debate. In their fear, they willingly accept even the slightest suggestion, however absurd, from these people.

    Then, taking a cue from the boisterous right wing blowhards who long ago abandoned manners–Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter–they come and act like spoiled children at these town hall meetings. Completely, totally, unapologetically insane.

    Manners? Decorum? Fairness? Rush and Bill and Glenn long ago threw these out the window. For them it was mere rhetorical device, a way of transcending to the next level of outrage–“I’m so pissed off, I’m not even going to be civil any more.” It was spun as “no spin.”

    “Right on!” screamed the red state viewers at home, who then proceeded to clean their guns and re-post the near verbatim talking points they had just heard on their favorite neocon-bashturbation sites. Those hosts showed us all that those relics of civil debate are outdated in the face of this horrible, evil government. And all of these irrationally fearful people saw that “hey, society won’t look poorly on us for behaving like children and assholes!”

    The real question is…how the hell do we get back to civil debate? The right wing has basically brainwashed millions of people over the past decade or so to simply hate, fear, and distrust. Is there any way back to sanity for these people?

  5. This is so far out there I don’t know what to think. I’m watching all of this from afar, and I’ll admit that cynical-c is my main source of information on the healthcare debacle so I’m somewhat biased from the word go, but the ignorance and ugliness on display is breathtaking.

    @George, your last paragraph really resonates. I’m just not sure what it’s going to take to get back to rational debate, but I hope we see it soon. The ideas and ideals that have been uncovered here have far wider significance than healthcare. I hate to do the hand-wringing thing (especially sitting in Europe) but is this REALLY 21st-Century USA? For a long time I thought this was just a tiny but vocal lunatic fringe. The footage of town-hall meetings is starting to suggest otherwise.

  6. So this is the GOP’s “base,” is it? The seeds sown by Karl Rove and Fox News have borne fruit — a population of unthinking, mean spirited, acid-spitting, comfortably self-contradictory greed-heads cloaked in ersatz “compassion” and “moral values.”

    Also, This twat provides an excellent demonstration of how “God bless them” has become conservative Xian code for “they can go fuck themselves.”

  7. Progress is going backwards. For much of history, the only people who got treated by doctors were the wealthy, I guess we’re going back in that direction. (Granted, back then, medical theories were bullshit, so it’s doubtful you’d get much relief after seeing a doctor)
    Now to follow up with what the guy said ($8000 emergency room bill); I have health insurance, but thanks to my cancer treatment, I now have quite a bit of hospital debt. My radiation treatment lasted over two months, December and January. My bill for September : $600, my bill for January: $3000. Why the discrepancy in the two bills for the same exact treatment? It’s a new calendar year, that means I haven’t paid any of my deductible. I get very angry at people who are against healthcare reform, so angry in fact that I hope they also get cancer and see what it’s like to consider either dying debt-free or living in debt.

  8. What I find most frustrating about this is that at the core, it’s all about partisan politics. Even the puppets out there doing the screaming don’t realize it, but if the Right were pushing the exact same program, the screamers would be all for it.

    With the unemployment rate still climbing by the hundreds of thousands each month, odds are that at least some of these bozos will soon find themselves suddenly without employer-sponsored health insurance (which usually means NO health insurance). I’d love to be there when that happens.

    @vegastar7: Right, even with insurance, medical bills are still outrageous. I needed treatment for rabies and no one in my BC/BS network provided it. The total for the shots was $1,200.00, but because it was my first claim of the year I wound up paying $850.00 of it.

    And that’s nothing compared to if it had been
    something major like a heart attack or brain surgery.

  9. This is all very well and good but let’s not turn a blind eye to the similar tactics employed by the left’s zombies. Don’t forget about all the times people brought automatic weapons to Bush’s events or the staggering cries for peace washing out any chance of debate about the war in Iraq. You can cry foul all you want but there are definitely two sides to this coin. I’d link to the millions of videos on youtube but for the life of me I can’t find them. Clearly a leftist conspiracy to demonize the hard working, god fearing, country loving patriots of the right. It’s only a matter of time before this post, as so many others I’ve made, is edited into leftist drivel by the cursed blogmesiter of this demon’s den.

  10. It’s only a matter of time before this post, as so many others I’ve made, is edited into leftist drivel by the cursed blogmesiter of this demon’s den.

    I love blog insults that sound like super-awesome D&D adventures.

  11. I wonder how many of these tarded tea baggers will be receiving government health care when given the option. Will their partisan pride be more important than their need for medical attention?

  12. I’m blown away by this woman. I wanted to cry for the gentleman and punch her lights out for him.

    I tried to find a single thing that she said that made sense, but I failed.

  13. So, by her “logic,” these dirty politicians who are attempting to ensure that healthcare is had by all, are simultaneously working against the American people and just in it for their own political gain. This is a textbook example of cognitive dissonance.

  14. Dear Crazy Lady,

    “$8,000 bill for 2 hours in ER, wah wah wah”?

    Let me tell you what my publically funded health care system will charge you for an ER visit.


    A couple years back my husband was taken to ER with abdominal pain. Turned out to be a reasonably straight forward appendectomy. 4 hours in the ER, then surgery, then 3 days in hospital.

    The cost? NOTHING.

    Lots of love,
    A Happy Public Health System Advocate.

  15. In my opinion this all comes down to one thing, Straight to the point- RACISM. These fools can’t stand the fact that we have a mixed race family in the WHITE house. Jesus himself (if you will) could descend from the heavens and kiss Obama’s feet and it wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference.
    I’m going to have to take a break from reading the news or I will lose my sanity.
    By the by, I called Ms. Pilger last night (gawker posted her home phone for a short while)just for the satisfaction of hearing that busy signal. It’s good to know that the entire country isn’t insane.

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