This Week in Birther Theories

Obama’s real mother was his Kenyan grandmother:

Well, Madelyn Dunham is a very interesting person. As you know, Barack … the … and I want to be careful when he identify people as “mother,” “father,” “grandmother,” and so forth because honestly I don’t think we know with any certainty whatsoever who those players are in Barack Obama’s life. And perhaps he doesn’t either. I suspect he does, but it’s possible he doesn’t know. And it is entirely within the realm of possibility that Madelyn Dunham was his mother and there’s a lot of circumstantial evidence to suggest that.

(via J-Walk)


  1. I think the Birthers are missing something here… If Obama’s true mother is the woman who he thinks is his grandmother, he would still be eligible for the role of president.
    Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think there are any rules against illegitimate children that would prvent them from becoming president.

  2. I forgot to mention in my post:
    I am I the one who is missing something? Madelyn is Obama’s mother, correct? And she was born in the U.S.? How does that make her his Kenyan grandmother? My computer is running absurdly slow, so I am having trouble pulling up the original story.

  3. I’m still quite sure it’ll eventually come down to the legal status of blacks as full U.S. citizens. Someone will find some ancient loophole somewhere and then the birthers will become full on klansfolk. Ultimately it’ll turn into a cry for secession and we’ll have a second civil war (which will hopefully spawn much better video games than the first one).

    I’m all for pulling a liberal redneck act and telling them if they don’t like a black man in the oval office or his plan for healthcare reform then they can just get out of our country.

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