Quote of the Night

Joe the Plumber is back:

For Pelosi to write about us bein’ un-American and disprespectful — I’ll tell ya what: I respect nobody who lies to me and manipulates me and takes my money and puts my children in debt. They want me to be respectful towards them? Please! You know, I’m not the most civilized person: Those kind of people, I usually took behind the woodshed and just beat the livin’ tar out of ‘em.


  1. Gee whiz. Doesn’t like being lied to? Death panels, rationing, etc. I guess that Republican dogma doesn’t fall into the category of lies, at least in the brilliant Joe’s opinion.

  2. “…takes my money…”
    I think to complain about paying taxes you have to actually pay them first.
    “Those kind of people…”
    People who work for the government that you disagree with?

  3. Remember all these folks whining about wanting everything to be like Mayberry ”again?“ Like things were ever actually like Mayberry? They win friends and influence people by burping up unimaginative stereotypes about this land of make-believe where it’s kind of funny and cute to take someone out behind the woodshed and beat the tar out of them. Like a Norman Rockwell painting of a naughty freckle-faced kid with a slingshot in his back pocket getting a whoopin’ because he put a frog in Sally’s banana split. They say these things specifically to get the dull-minded to nod and say, ”Amen!“

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