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Today’s question comes from Abbi Crutchfield who asks:

What was the first toy you remember?

The first toy I had that I can remember is also the toy that almost put me into therapy. It was the Star Wars Death Star Space Station from Kenner of course. It had three floors of Death Star goodness except for the trash compactor level that also included that creature that pulls Luke under the trash. My parents had to hide that toy because I went into hysterics whenever I saw it. In my defense, that creature almost did kill Luke. And he was strong with the force. What chance did I have against three inches of plastic evil?


  1. Cookie Monster hand puppet. The earliest toy memory was loosing the pupil to cookie monster’s eye at a friends house. It seemed like I searched for hours in his messy room. I think I was about three.

  2. Spin and Speak. The thing with a big dial that you turn to point at one of the animal pictures along its perimeter, then you pull the string on the side and it makes that animal’s noise.

  3. Rub-A-Dub Doggy. . .

    This little brown dog had terrycloth ears, and a plastic red tag on his neck. When you pulled on it, a string would come out, and his head would shake. You would then be “covered” with suds. You could only use it a couple times, because he got so mildewed, when he shook, little black things came out of every orifice of the rub-a-dub doggie.

  4. A metal toy pistol sixshooter just like the cowboys on TV. I walked up behind my younger brother and hit him on the head with it because I saw it on TV, I suppose. I was probably 4 years old and remember because of all the commotion I caused.

  5. An oddly jaundiced, purple haired imitation Barbie. I used to bathe it in the dog’s drinking basin. I held it so often it’s a miracle my skin didn’t merge with it.

  6. “Stinky” Bear. Ordinary store bought teddy bear, but I had a habit of licking its leather paws and sticking them in my ears (to cool my ears down/comfort). Strangely enough, after a few months of this, the bear stank to high heaven.

    And strangely enough I just this moment made a connection to a conversation I had with my parents last night about a bad ear infection I had at that age…

  7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pizza shooter jeep, though I’d imagine there were toys before then that left no nearly as large an impression

  8. Apart from my pacifier, a small model 747 with wind-up wheels I got on a trip to Mexico at age 2. Can’t stretch the ol’ grey matter back any farther.

  9. The first one I remember was a small bear squeak toy that belonged to a dog I don’t remember. I remember my mom taking it away from both me and the dog and putting it up on the mantle because she didn’t like me playing with it.

  10. Slithe. If you don’t know what that is, then you were no fan of the Thundercats, and I don’t like you.

    I still have him somewhere, in a box…

  11. Yes I also had a Glo-worm. It’s the only toy I remember taking to Show and Tell.

    I want one like the one I had growing up, but all I can find is the new ones.

  12. Yep, it was the Death Star Playstation for me too. I remember it vividly, my Aunt had given it to me for Christmas – putting my parents’ wide array of sweaters to shame. It’s the only toy I still look for on ebay – but where am I going to put it?

  13. Fisher Price Activity Centre (spolier: the tortoise always wins).

    I think that might be the first toy that I remember begging my parents for. I never got it (‘_;).

  14. The first toy i can remember having was one of the plastic squeezy face he-man action figures with the 3 sided trick chest that was more “damaged” on each side the more you “hit” it. It inevitably wound up stuck on the most damaged side (the one with 2 scars.) I had at least 2 of the same ones (from a b-day)and a matching skeletor that wound up lasting longer.

    I also the remember the night (a bit later) my mom was bringing me and my sister home from a toys r us and she’d just bought me a greyskull castle playset. As my little self was trying to lug the bulky toy up to our apartment some guy came running out of nowhere and snatched her purse off from over her shoulder. If it hadn’t been such a vulgar act, I might now consider it to have been done gracefully but I just remember running up to her (she’d gotten ahead of us kids) crying “mommy.” I’m a little ashamed these days that I hadn’t dropped the damned thing (long lost) and run up to her faster but what the fuck could I have done at 4 or 5 against a healthy, grown man?

  15. Chris, you have no idea how jealous I am of that Death Star. That was spoken of in hushed tones in poverty-stricken 80s Dublin. Nobody had ever actually seen one, and their very existence was doubted.

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