1. How can there not be a law against this? At least in a political forum, there should be a restriction. Secret Service can only do so much. If this continues I fear for the worst.

  2. I think an RPG or “Bazooka” would be illegle.

    Most of the time that people are carrying you don’t see the weapon, so hopefully you can feel safer. This story is “news” I suppose because the guns were being carried openly.

    Big deal.

  3. Hey, it was Arizona. In that “civilized” state, it’s legal to carry a gun as long as it’s visible. Concealed carry permits are also easy to get. I hope I live long enough (though at my age I doubt I will) to see my country get over its love affaire with guns.

  4. This is clearly a thinly-veiled attempt to intimidate. Period.

    THere is absolutely no reason to bring a weapon to a “peaceful” demonstration unless you want people think you’re willing to use it.

  5. As usual, good reporting buy CNN. This was an organized demonstration and the police had a liason officer assigned to the armed demonstrators.

  6. LOL @ amanda … but ya Open carry / Concealed Carrying, heck just carrying in general For the win … they didnt go crazy and shoot the place up did they?

  7. @GT:
    “Nobody got hurt at the Boston Tea Party. The only people that got hurt were some fancy boys who didn’t have anything to wash down their crumpets with. We jumped out from behind bushes while the British came down the road in their bright red jackets, but never has a war been so courteously declared. It was on parchment with calligraphy and, “Your Highness, we beseech you on this day in Philadelphia to bite me, if you please.”

    Sam Seaborne, ithanku.

  8. Amanda,

    They needed guns so people would notice that they were carrying guns, I guess. It is a non-issue in AZ. Does that mean the protest was not peaceful? I live in Florida where I know if I’m in a room of 50 people, someone is packing. Somehow I manage not to panic.

    I think the idea here is to shock. Seems to have worked. People are shocked to see citizens permitted to carry weapons.

  9. This is a case of the secret service not doing their damn job. National security trumps AZ gun laws.

    Sorry, but you’re wrong about that one. Which is why the guy wasn’t arrested. He wasn’t breaking any laws.

    Funny how, considering how dangerous this was and all…nothing happened. Well, unless you consider the soiled trousers of frightened GFW’s to be “casualties”.

    Also interesting that the panting pontificators of the MSM couldn’t manage to interview the guy in between swooning attacks…but someone on the net was able to:


    Even more interesting is how well-spoken, clean cut and…well…African American…the guy is.

    Perhaps he wasn’t interviewed because he didn’t fit the bigoted stereotypes that the media likes to portray?

    Bottom line: Guns are not the problem. Good people with guns don’t do bad things. Bad people do bad things, guns or no. Don’t try to take the guns away from the good people…put the bad people in prison and keep them there.

    According to FBI statistics, over 80% of violent crimes in this country are committed by known gang members with prior records of violent crime. We could cut crime by 80% just by keeping the violent people in jail rather than by harassing law abiding gun owners like this guy for nothing more than exercising the rights protected by both the First and Second amendments.

  10. “Because I can” is not a satisfactory answer to the question. The right to free speech allows me to call someone’s mother a whore, but the excuse of “because I can” doesn’t explain or justify an act that is clearly an abuse of that right.

  11. People with anti-war t-shirts were illegaly barred and sometimes detained for showing up at Bush’s speeches on public property, but seething right-wingers with assult rifles are okee-dokiee at Obama’s functions. Makes perfect sense!

    The guy with the gun ought to thank Obama for passing a bill that allows gun owners to take their bang bangs into national parks. So far, the only legislation that’s been passed on guns and signed by Obama has been pro-gun.

  12. Well, as far as I can tell BJB, you’re justifying people threatening to be violent bullies. Like Erich said “because I can” just is not good enough.

    In my country, no one carries a gun unless there is intention of using it – hunting or violence. Even our Police don’t carry guns. And you don’t see New Zealand going to hell in a hand basket.

    The only recent time that I can recall a gun being bought to a protest in my country, the protestor used it in a very obvious way – he was filmed shooting a flag in protest to the government. Guess what happened to him – yeah, he was jailed.

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