1. my guess, assuming he really didn’t know, is that he came in when others were at the door so he never saw it closed. pretty funny though

  2. ^ yeah, because Pakistani students with names like “Mullah Katl Ud Din” are renowned for their drink & drugs binges… ??

    Must be a great engineering student though!

  3. I wonder how he managed to live his former live without ever seeing an automatic door? Never having been told about it, seeing it on TV, in some backwards super-market of a small town? This is about one step above electric light.

    Maybe he just never got close enough and thought it was broken? But how would running through it solve anything? He must have seen glass somewhere.

  4. Wait…
    Even if he doesn’t know how an automatic door works, he should definitely know how regular ones do.
    Last time i checked you don’t open them by running headface first into them. (not as first choice anyway)

  5. Yeah, my bullshit detectors are going crazy here. For the reasons ah-pook, MarvinTPA, and billyjoebob highlight. Plus the fact that the name gets no hits anywhere other than on sites linking to this video (and how did ‘KaptanHindustan’ there get the video and the guy’s name, title, and subject of study?). Plus… oh, ok. I’ll stop being a killjoy.

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