1. I love Rachel Maddow. Every week she takes an issue and breaks it down into facts in its simplest form to shed light on it all. So refreshing.

  2. Hey, give a brother some room here!

    I love Rachel. We don’t get enough of her in the UK. In fact, sadly we don’t get any of her show in the UK.

  3. Wow, a pompous sarcastic person in front of a camera that’s managed to find idiots on anonymously posted stupid shit in an Internet forum and focuses on making fun of them instead of addressing real issues and real arguments.

    If it makes you feel better about yourself then have fun watching her.

    I guess the left deserves to have their own version of Rush Limbaugh.

  4. I just do not get it. I am not American but I do not understand why such violent opposition for affordable health care? I grew up in Canada but I have been living in Jamaica for the past three years, and even over here, in a third world country people have superior access to good health care without worrying about a life of debt. Jamaica is far far far away from being perfect in fact it is wildly corrupt yet we sit over here looking at Americans wondering just what the fuck is the problem???

    Furthermore if the Republicans have issues with the proposed plan why form a intelligent and civilised rebuttal? What is the deal with the lynch mobs?

    I just don’t get it.

  5. Yes, Esteban, except for pandering to an undereducated, fundamentalist base, comparing everyone who disagrees with her with Hitler, using racism to make her points, obscuring facts with emotional diatribe, shilling for corporate America over regular working people and inciting the ignorant masses to violence, she’s exactly like Rush Limbaugh.

    Angry much?

  6. @estaban Uh, “managed to find idiots on anonymously posted stupid shit in an Internet forum” makes no sense.

    Besides, the whole point of the piece was to show where these websites come from, and I think she did a good job on that score. I really don’t see any similarity to Limbaugh, and neither would anybody else who has the ability to construct a grammatically sound sentence.

  7. lol, you guys crack me up. Did you listen to her piece? The things that she’s showing don’t exist as approved content on the site. They are just nonsense posted in the sites forums? Are you going to quote me posting here and claim that it represents the views of cynical-c.com?

    None of that matters though because apparently my point is completely invalid unless I have perfect spelling and grammar. Please ignore my post and carry on without having to form your own thoughts and opinions.

  8. I couldn’t watch it after the screamer said,”…if you think the American people are that stupid…” Clearly they are unimaginably stupid to be snookered into fighting programs that are in their own interest. That might even be a good definition of stupid,come to think of it.

  9. Interesting world you live in where “being in your own interest” is the only test a government program needs to pass before you’d have to be “stupid” not to sign off on it.

    Let’s double taxes and use the money to buy everyone a shiny new car! What? You want details on the plan first? You are fine with the care you already have? Don’t you understand? YOU GET A NEW CAR! This is for YOUR benefit. You must be stupid not to do it!

  10. ok, in your own analogy, basically, if for whatever reason you need to get somewhere, and don’t have a car, you have to take a cab that will take all of your life savings to pay for. Now, in this world you have created, some companies provide cars for their employees, but for the people who don’t have a car through their employer, it costs half of their income. Your analogy falls apart though, because instead of having buses and carpooling, people form mobs to protest public transportation, and you get arrested for fraud if you try to carpool.

  11. Furthermore if the Republicans have issues with the proposed plan why form a intelligent and civilised rebuttal? What is the deal with the lynch mobs?

    It’s a civilian filibuster. They don’t care about being heard so long as the opposition is NOT being heard.

    Most high school kids running for student government conduct themselves better than these thugs.

  12. It is funny, you have to admit, seeing right-wingers behave the same way as left-wingers and then have left-wingers act all shocked and horrified just like the right-wingers did when the left were the assholes.

    Please, people are all the same, but pretend one’s political philosophy is correlated to civility if you like. It’s funny when Michelle Malkin does it and it’s funny when Cynical C does it.

    I don’t listen to Rush, but I’ve seen clips of O’Reily here and Maddow looks to me like O’Reily’s compliment, and that MSNBC ex-sports guy that is posted here alot looks like Glen Becks counterpart.

  13. @billyjoebob

    Sorry, but he equivalency argument just doesn’t hold any water. I think it’s fair to say that one side here, the right, is making it’s case by employing lies, slander, threats of violence, etc., while the left is largely sticking to facts and a genuine need to reform health care.

    You may disagree, that’s fine, but be prepared to be “left behind”.

  14. @Estaban
    “They are just nonsense posted in the sites forums”

    Maybe I have trouble focusing. I missed the part where she addressed forum posts. I only saw her define precisely who funded a website depicting a photoshopped Obama as Hitler.

    I must have missed the clip you’re referring to. Mind telling me where she said that?

  15. @ Rev: I think you missed the best part of the quote from Estaban. It should read “They are just nonsense posted in the sites forums? ” The question mark at the end lends the viewpoint a certain valley girl charm by transforming a statement into a question.

    @ Estaban: Yes, I do think your poor grammar is indicative of a poor mind. Out of the kindness of my heart, I won’t also mention that it should have been “site’s”. The apostrophe is used to indicate possession.

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