1. Five Guys is the alpha and the omega of meat, potatoes, and grease. And oh yeah, bacon. Try the cheeseburger with fried onions, sauteed mushrooms, green peppers and a little A-1. Dip your fries in malt vinegar and ketchup. If your life flashes before your eyes when you die, one of the things just might be Five Guys.

  2. @Foamboy: Looks like you’ve got 5G down to a science, although I’d substitute bacon for the peppers (that’s just me talking). But, did you notice he had the demon ketchup in the photo? Let’s hope that wasn’t for the fries!

  3. Never had 5 Guys. There’s not one near me anymore (there was when I was at college, but I never went) and I’m curious about it.

    Any good?

  4. I’m torn about 5 Guys — they have great fries, but I’m not down with their burgers. Too thin of a patty and they cook everything medium well. You might as well eat a leather shoe… Still, it’s better than a lot of burger places…

    Chris, have you ever gone to Wild Willy’s in Watertown? That’s the best fast burger going? Okay, not the best, but it’s very very good.

  5. @McGee, the burger was probably the best I’ve had at a chain on the East Coast.

    @Sly Oyster, Never been to Wild Willy’s. Been to Mr. Bartley’s plenty of time. I find their burgers to be a bit overrated. But not their frappes….

  6. I’m in love with Five Guys’ greaseball burgers.
    Dining there is a religious experience.
    (At least, I think I heard an angelic choir as I dined there.)

    I agree, Chris. Probably the best I’ve ever had. I’d slap my grandmother for one of their burgers.

  7. Five Guys is pretty solid. BUT since I’m in Denver now I’ve been seeing Fatburger and can’t wait to try it.

    We ate at ParkBurger, a local joint, and their toppings list reminded me of Five Guys.

    Oh, I was moving from Clemson, SC to Denver and that’s why I haven’t been around if anyone was wondering.

  8. If there’s ever a way to mail an In n’ Out double double animal style with animal fries to Mass. and have them stay fresh, I would.

    If you enjoy In n’ out, there’s a Northern California variety called Nations and it’s to die for. A bit more than in and out, but twice the size and girth.

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