Two Teens Trying To Convert a Hindu to Christianity

Poe’s law is strong with this one. Here are some of the cringe-inducing gems:

I had two friends over. One regular one and one Indian one.

“She’s Indian. It’s like, an African country in Asia.”

“But I am not African. I am Asian.”
“Then why are you so dark then?”

And it goes downhill from there.

(Thanks Denis)


  1. That was indeed quite painful. I have cousins like this that have had similar conversations with me. The whole “you have to believe” line of argument is always fun. I feel quite bad for the young lady who got lured into this botched conversion attempt that must have seemed infinitely more insulting in person.

  2. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt and believing that this is fake and they made it as a joke, because no one can be that stupid.

  3. “See the beautiful grass and the trees? That’s from Jesus.”


    Those two girls made a poor argument for Christianity, but made a very convincing one for Christian sterilization.

  4. Man that brought me back to when I first moved to Texas in 2nd grade and the “christian” children found out I was Jewish. I need to go lay down now…

  5. This is, indeed, scary – and I didn’t even get to the religious tampering part yet… “She’s Indian. It’s like, an African country in Asia.” …. sheesh.

    When I was that age, I KNEW where India was, what it was, where it was in relation to Africa, etc. I went to a high school in Western New York that, when the Buffalo News ranked the 125 high schools in WNY, almost (*almost*) made the top 100.

    Young lady (and I hesitate to use the word “lady” to somebody so freaking rude as she is), you will learn many useful things if you try reading more than one book, however “good” your parents and preacher claim it to be. Many books are better for such difficult subjects as, say, geography.

  6. @ Kelsey: LMAO! Bring back the right to punch people in the head for being so ignorant and rude!

    This is so not a joke. That accent is real – working in an Indian restaurant you get to hear all kinds of Indian accents and they are all very different. That is a real one.

    I’ve been around too many dumb-ass teenagers to think this was a joke… WORSE I have been around this behavior – especially when I was a teenager and when I was in college. This is COMMON “Christian” behavior. I heard some of these arguments in church – never bought it. Always creeped me out.

    Hinduism, when not militant (every group gets it’s nutbags) is actually incredibly tolerant. Chuck some money at a priest, wave some incense, fine, but they believe it’s what’s in your heart that counts.

    Krishna Like Christian? JE-sus!!!

    Why do stupid people ever figure out how to breed? This is so horrifying. Is there some reason why white skin makes people so incredibly ignorant and arrogant at the same time?

    The Indian girl is a hoot! Watch the rebuttal videos – they’re hilarious!

  7. Indians have many skin colors..people from north india are fair and from south mostly dark..but indians are asians..check the miss universe and miss world contests..indians have always worn that crown…as for hinduisum..we have one god vishu…and everything else..including other gods are derived from him..lets say incarnations of him..also hinduisum is a way of life and the 10 commendments as same as sayings in the book mahabaratha..its lists gods saying about the creation of universe, how to live.. and what to expect after your death..

  8. OK – I got to the religious part…

    I cannot say enough about those two ‘christians’, and how rude and ignorant they were.

    I feel for Sarah – she thought she had two friends. Instead, she finds out that she has two acquaintances who keep her around as their “Indian/African pet”. They try to teach her some tricks (their religion), while completely demeaning Sarah’s. Sarah needs to (if she hasn’t already) drop those fools, and find some real friends.

  9. @Julia:
    “Is there some reason why white skin makes people so incredibly ignorant and arrogant at the same time?”

    A joke, surely?

  10. It’s a hard call. On the one hand, there’s a possibility that this is staged and all fake. On the other hand, I have met people that stupid and rude.

  11. Two possibilities:
    1) This must be fake because no one could possibly be that stupid and insensitive.
    2) This must be real because these three pubescent girls could not possibly be such accomplished actors/writers/editors/producers.

    I know which one my money’s on.

  12. This hurts me.

    Much in the same way they seem incapable of conceiving of people who don’t believe in Jesus, I’m having a hard time believing that someone could really be such an ignorant bitch. And yet, there they are: a person who doesn’t believe in Jesus, and two ignorant, racist bitches.

  13. @ PRP – I kind of liked the alliteration 🙂

    Coming from a redneck town and marrying an Indian and working in my husbands restaurant I have kind of walked both sides of the fence – we even got turned down for an apartment because my husband is Indian. No joke. The jackass that rejected us did not even have the guts to face me or put it in writing – she made the secretary hand me the deposit money.

    I get a lot of crap about being a white woman working in an Indian restaurant – mostly from white people! As soon as the Indian customers find out I am married to an Indian they are so accepting and pleased.

    My family is from the south. I was constantly exposed to blatant racism (nothing like the “N” word at Christmas when Nat King Cole is on TV – warm and fuzzy!) and was told that if I ever dated a black man I would be kicked out. (My brother could date a black woman though – go figure).

    The first comment I got from my mother the first time she met my future husband? “He’s a little dark isn’t he?” For Pete’s sake!!! You should have seen the looks on my parents faces when I told them I was getting married!

    So my point of view is very skewed towards “ignorant and arrogant”. I find myself surrounded by it. I WAS like that when I was younger (how could I not be) and I am perpetually ashamed of it.

    Kids I grew up with were just like this. If it was parody it was damned good. But it’s not.

    Living in India for two months with my family made me VERY ashamed of the attitudes I was raised with. And of being “white”. My family in India – let’s just say I am the luckiest person to have such a great family! Western white women don’t have the greatest reputation over there let me tell you!!

    Okay, defensive reply done! Thanks for listening to TMI!

  14. I’m totally at a loss for words. God help us, these two will grow up and reproduce. Are you sure its not a joke? It reminds me of Jay Leno’s Jaywalkers videos. You are absolutely dumbstruck that anyone with a discernible brain wave could actually be this stupid.
    Age is not an excuse – my daughter at 5 was way beyond these two.
    I need an aspirin.

  15. Some people should not be allowed to post their opinions on the internet…there should almost be a test you have to take…and only those that pass are allowed the use of a webcam

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