1. You know what is worse than a grammar Nazi (the typo Nazi’s ugly cousin)? It annoys me to have grammar corrected, but even worse is when someone insists that the poor grammar version actually means something else, but their interpretation is still wrong. Example, I was listening to a song with the line “I don’t need nothing” and this idiot tells me that it is bad grammar (duh) and so what it really says is “I need everything”. That is not at all how that would be fixed, if you insist that the meaning is changed by the double negative, it would be “I do need something” not everything. That absolutely drives me nuts. And why ruin such a lovely song anyway?

  2. I no not two korekt peepoles grammor and spelleeng. However, I think it’s funny when people make grammatical errors when speaking. I don’t correct them though. I just make fun of them.

  3. Meh. I think you should at least make an effort to type as correctly as you can. Especially, if English is your native language (and I’m abdicating responsibility already! 😀 ).

    I mean, Firefox spell checks without you even having to press a button.

    “I tpye whatuever the fukc I want, you fucking Grammer NAZII!!!1” is just the other end of a spectrum…

  4. I don’t think I’ve pointed out someone’s poor spelling or grammar since about a year after I started surfing the web, but I laugh my ass off when I see someone say “your an idiot” online. That one tickles me :3

  5. People who use the word “Nazi”, a term used for a group that killed eleven million people, to describe “nitpickers who get irritated” annoy me.

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