1. It’s getting harder and harder to tell what’s satire and what’s a joke these days.

    You’re tellin’ me. Given the rampant stoopidity and blatant ignorance of so many people….is that website for real? Or is it fake? I…just…don’t….know!

  2. Obama doesn’t have moustache!

    Why doesn’t he have a moustache?

    Because he doesn’t want to look like Hitler!

    Why doesn’t he want to look like Hitler?

    Because he IS Hitler!

  3. I have made similar mistakes with recognition of satire on the web. I blame the wack jobs that have such wild ideas that they make satire seem rational by comparison. When people actually *believe* things that are more ludicrous than your satire, it makes things difficult. Given the “birther” movement, I would not be suprised if there were and actual “Obama is Hitler” movement out there.

  4. I still think the Birther movement is the largest prank in the history of pranks. The woman is called ORLY, ffs, born in the USSR!

  5. This is obviously a joke. A person THAT stupid wouldnt be able to learn the alphabet in order to type…but…
    you know who else lived in the White House before Obama?

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