1. I have a hard time believing that they could have calculated the correct spot at which to place the pool, and I don’t see the man flailig his arms or legs to adjust the arc. So how would you do it? Slide down a manikin first?

    Faked? If so, not a bad job.

  2. I thought the same as lurker111. If that’s real, it’s some near-impossible engineering, taking among other things, wind, into account.I’ve seen some pretty impressive fakes…

    A car riding a half-pipe:

    A surfer surviving an impossible wave:

    And the most amazing, UFOs over Haiti, done entirely in CGI

    This is likely one of them.

  3. you know, it probably is fake, but I did notice a manequin show up in the video, its right below the ramp, and visible in the freeze frame. Some how the acceleration seems too fast, and the sound of the splash not right

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