1. Oh, but you have to post the followup: Patton wrote this bit without having tried a KFC bowl. He was then challenged to do so.
    He did so – and wrote about it.

    BTW: Patton is my favorite stand-up comedian. He’s a brilliant wordsmith (IMFO).

  2. This is also my favorite by Patton Oswalt. The first time I heard this bit I nearly soiled myself like a failed adult lacking self-respect and dignity.

  3. Oh, and I forgot to mention about my experience at one of those A&W/KFC combination shacks when the famous bowl first came out. My two friends and I were sitting on the A&W side eating burgers and such, laughing and mocking the new bowls. We didn’t notice the KFC employee chowing down on his gooey brown mound of Fail until he looked up with a sheepishly guilty grin and said, “They’re actually pretty good.”

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