b Says I Hate My Readers

I hate my readers. How do I know? Cuz b tells me so:

I’ve read your blog for 5 years and I like it a lot. But if you dislike blogging or your readers so much maybe this isn’t the best occupation for you.


Something tells me that you’re still angry at ‘Michael’ (I think was his name) for expressing his opinion of your Ingersoll quotes.

Either that or this is some demonstration of your general disdain for your readership.

and again:

You really don’t seem to like most of your readers.

and again

You shouldn’t get so mad at your readers. If they didn’t like your blog then they wouldn’t read it.

Isn’t b precious? I swear I could put b on a plate and sop him up with a biscuit. Rest assured b, I love all my readers as if they were my very own children whom I had to put in front of Obama’s Death Panels to get rid some of the not so bright ones (if you know what I’m saying).

Wait, does b think this is my occupation? Paging Dr. Emanuel


  1. b might be a little salty to sop up, what with all the tears he’s shed over your victimized readers.

    If you’re considered a bully, then what the hell does that make people like Bill O’?

  2. I’m not a huge fan of the Ingersol thingys but I do read some of the shorter, less winded ones. But when I choose, I just scroll past them. It’s no big deal. I love your blog with or with out em.

  3. My favorite blog post on here are of the readers that complain. I would love a day on cynical-c where every post was of undie-twisted reader complaints.

  4. Whatever, what some readers will do to make it into your blog. Nice job b. It took a bit more time than I have the patients for but I have to give you credit for a nice slow burn…

    Chris, me thinks you have been trolled.

  5. I feel like you appreciate me a little too much. I would actually see a little more lack of affection around here…. my masochistic side is ailing here.

  6. I don’t want you to stop blogging. As I’ve said, I love this blog. I just think your an ass hole. That’s all.

    The main purpose of my last post was to point out that (a) you were being rude and that (b) your reader who emailed you in fact wasn’t asking that stupid of a question – as demonstrated by the fact that later in the comments someone in fact did find a Boston based atheist group that met regularly (not that laughable after all).

    My point about your general disdain for your readership was a observation secondary to that point. Moreover, I think that it was a rather obvious one – one that probably struck a cord with you as demonstrated by the fact that you actually took the time to undermine my credibility with this post of a few rather obvious observations that I’ve made over the years.

    I don’t think any of my posts that you’ve quoted here were particularly stupid (even when you fail to post them in their entirety), rather, I think that sometimes you have a difficult time with people who hold beliefs/opinions contrary to your own – even when they’re coming from a liberal atheist/agnostic such as myself.

    I might be off base though. We could always sit down, have a beer and try to make a teachable moment out of all this.

  7. Dear C,

    Ive had enough of this.
    Your hatred toward B. is so obvious and simply because he expresses his opinnion. We will have no more of that here. If you dont like how we think your blog should look like, you should leave. Or is it other way around?
    I hate you, you confused me again.

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