1. Ever since my brother went to Iraq he talked about the crazy things blackwater got into. I then formed an opinion that they were a club for men who wanted to go to iraq and kill arabs.. more or less in a joking way, some kind of “crusader bs”… I hate to think I was right, but wow this video makes it look that way.

  2. I was watching a documentary on Hitler last week and was stunned to see the similarities between his and Bush’s approaches to “success.” Mainly the smear campaign to make the Jews publicly maligned before making them illegal altogether, and the policies that made expressing honest opinions appear non-patriotic and destructive to society. Following that model, Blackwater/Xe is clearly Bush’s brownshirts.

    It’s shocking to realize how close we came to being another Nazi nation. More shocking to see the fragments of that movement still alive in our town halls today.

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