Question of the Day

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Where do you get your health insurance from? And if your answer is “through work,” where did you get your health insurance if you have ever been laid off or out of work for a significant amount of time?

In 2002 I was laid off and I picked up COBRA (allows you to keep your insurance from your former employer for a limited time, but at your expense and providing your old company still exists) at a cost of about $400 a month. Hell, $400 a month isn’t an extra bill you want when you are drawing a regular paycheck, nevermind when you’re on unemployment benefits which is just a bit more than half of what you were making (and don’t forget taxes). And $400 is cheap according to other stories I’ve heard from recently laid off friends. One relative of mine is paying well over $700 a month for health insurance while her unemployment quickly dries up.

What are your insurance stories Cynics?