1. Put the defendant down! Bwa-hahahahaa.

    Now that I think about it, the defendant is a remorseless repeat offender. I’ve fallen victim to him many, many times. Curse him!!

  2. Chris, I love ya’ but…please do not air anything that boring again. Abby, you’re definitely cute, but that ain’t. Try again.

    (I was waiting for “keyboard cat” to end that mid-way through)

  3. That could have been so much funnier. If Abby is going to continue this character, really satirize and go after these hollow, pretentious fake judges (let’s call them fudges….{hmmm…fudge…ahhh}). I think you should go for the jugular.

  4. Yeah, great production value but horrible concept and script. I know this is the Hollywood structure, but your script should make people laugh before getting behind the camera. Don’t be discouraged, keep trying!

  5. I kind of like the idea of beef only once a week. If that idea were applied more broadly, then 21 different animals would be needed to satisfy a balanced diet in a week. Huh, I’m suddenly reminded of the food chain diagram from The Simpsons.

  6. I support you Abbi! But I can’t watch that husband of yours without thinking of that Paul Lynde or Charles Nelson Reilly character…hehe

    Oh here is my short film link. CHRIS YOU SHOULD POST THIS AND GIVE US AMATURES SOME PUB TOO! It is called Barely-oke and I play Gern.

  7. Thanks for the feedback gang! This is a PSA for a non-profit called “Collaborative Health”. They use humor to educate about diet and exercise. A comedian friend of mine directed this short and asked me to participate.

    I did not have the privilege of working on the script, but there was talk of shooting this in a series, so I’ll pass along the note about making the fudge a little fudgier.

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