1. See this is why MA is the best state ;). We’re not Massholes…merely smarter than the whole country, and so we’re resented.

  2. I’m not surprised– I live in SC and hear it all the time (or more commonly that he’s really a Muslim). What’s scary is that it’s not just the hee-haw, overalls-wearing types who believe this.

  3. RE: “See this is why MA is the best state ;). We’re not Massholes…merely smarter than the whole country, and so we’re resented.”

    Well, if it wasn’t for the fact that your wonderful MA cops are calling Gates a “banana eating jungkle monkey” I might be inclined to agree with you.

  4. I’m in Florida, and I heard that from a few during the election. I just figured it was like that everywhere. A woman (McCain/Palin voter, of course) said that she heard “from good resources” that his birth certificate is fake. I asked her where she gets her news. “I only watch Fox News – Fair and Balanced.”

    Oh. Then it must be true.

  5. damnedyankee:

    I think they just did.

    Nope, I need paperwork. And none of those phony “certificates of live birth” either. We KNOW what the story is with those!

    These could all be Iowan sleeper agents posing as Southerners in order to subvert the polling process! And you know what that leads to?


  6. Why did we fight a war for reunification again?

    Sometimes I think it would be fun to get a time machine and go back and prevent Lincoln from trying to get the South to come back into the Union. Then just watch the next 100 years on fast-forward as the north prospers and the south crashes and burns.

  7. Bwahaha! That’s why I left! No longer do I claim to be a resident of SC, although still claim to be from Alabama, but only to prove we’re not all stereotypical Southerners.

    Seth checking in from new digs in Denver!

  8. Not all of us Southern folk are like this! I’m living in SC now, but…I mean….okay, most people here are like that. I’m not. I’m from NORTH Carolina, we voted for Obama…

  9. European here (Ie. Commie/Socialist). Can’t wait till 50 years from now, when out “ethnic” groups will enter some kind of position. Making a memory of this, because it will be the same deal for us (different circumstances) then.

  10. RE: Can we also have a chart about inbreeding in the USA, to see if they match?

    Must be nice to be morally superior based the random event that you happen to be born in or living in anywhere but the South. However, from this http://cache.boston.com/resize/bonzai-fba/Globe_Photo/2009/01/30/1233359914_4347/539w.jpg to race riots in NY to Boston cops calling distinguished professors at Harvard “banana-eating jungle monkeys”, you might want to work on your own problems instead of blame other people for what is not just a problem in the south, but a problem in all 50 states.

  11. @ Mike K

    I’m a Floridian, and Lord knows I’ve seen my share of inbreds out in the sticks back home. No argument there. It’s just that I don’t think the way to cure racism is to pat yourself on the back and blame it all on the south. That’s just plain stupid.

  12. @ Patricio.

    I do agree with you.I also believe the original comment was tongue in cheek. If I thought the Inti genuinely implied that Southerners are all inbreds, I would be offended. I just took it as saying that people that believe the birther theory are ignorant inbreds, with the geography being a coincidence.

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