1. He was horrendously bad in that movie. I mean, just horrible. I was rooting for his character to be knocked off even though I knew it would screw with continuity.

    You mean to tell me that THAT little puke was going to become Darth Vader?

    George Lucas….damn you….

  2. I don’t know… sounds like his life started to suck after doing that movie. Everyone making fun of him while he apparently drifted into the kind of nerddom I always associated more with people who watch the movies, rather than star in them.

    It makes the whole mess the Phantom Menace was even more sad.

  3. I felt sorry for the guy. A lot of pent up bitterness and rage.

    And McGee–as bad as it was for you to watch the movie, you get to walk away from it at the end. You have to imagine what it is like for that movie, that annoying character and the hate everyone has for it, to irrevocably become a core part of your being. It must be a pretty damn unhappy life.

  4. it’s easy to hate on him, but i think all of us knew *that guy* in high school (and some of us probably were *that guy* in high school).

    we’re so demanding of our celebrities…they have to be cool and attractive and not insecure…but most of us have more in common with this dude than with a Brad Pitt or Julia Roberts. so I say, take it easy on him. he was one of about a hundred things wrong with The Phantom Menace.

  5. It sounds like the guy is very centered and honest about his experience, and what pop culture could do to his life. Sounds like he’s thought really hard about it, and is determined not to become a self parody like Mark Hamill.

  6. He seems incredibly balanced, given what he’s been though. How would you like to endure 12-14 years of school with people calling you “Darth Vader”, yelling “Yippee!” every time you open your mouth, and blaming you for the awfulness of TPM?

    No thanks. It’s “Christopher Robin Syndrome” – A.A.Milne’s son cursed Winnie the Pooh – it ruined his life, giving him a cross to bear in school. It never ended. Want to know what it must have been like? Introduce yourself to everyone as “Christoper Robin” for one week, and see how you like it.

    Like it not, you shall.

    Maybe he should start a support group with Wil Wheaton.

    Also, he seems older than 19 (he was born in March 1989). Hollywood isn’t kind to child stars – very few get out without serious damage – at least he seems to have avoided the Dano Plato syndrome.

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