1. except, i guess, when it comes to marriage (which Obama doesn’t support). And Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell (which Obama is STILL dragging his feet on).

    I voted for the guy and I’m beginning to regret it.

  2. I voted for the guy, too. Tired of the dragging and delaying. My new plan is to marry a Canadian and get the hell out of this backwards hick-town of a country ASAP.

    Any single Canadian men out there?

  3. That speech was music to my ears, but I’m seeing it from abroad, and the 2 comments above kind of watered down my excitement. I’m hoping maybe that kind of speech means he does intend to do something about marriage?

  4. Uninformed rumor from the Innernets is that he does support marriage, but has to do radical change slowly. Too much all at once might make rebellion or something.

  5. I honestly do not understand idiots like ghoast or MacCrocodile who claim that Obama’s dragging his feet. are you stupid? closet republicans?

    did you expect him to immediately repeal every law that you happen to not like? changing laws takes time and more importantly, takes consensus, which we can all agree is difficult to come to on matters like this. Give the administration time, and more importantly give them votes when it comes time to vote on legislatures.

  6. I too am tired of the wait. I think the “slowly but surely” mantra is cold comfort to people whose rights are being trampled upon right now. And I fully understand the perceived political necessity of Obama easing his way into this, but that’s simply not a good enough excuse when it comes to basic human equality/dignity. I’m not regretting voting for him, I just wish he’d get with it on gay rights.

    By the way ladies, you can’t vote just yet, change takes time. Sorry slaves, just keep your heads down another few years, you’ll be free before you know it. And gays, be patient and one day we’ll treat you as human beings.

  7. I think that MacCrocodile and her(his?) ilk should move to Canada and pay a minimum of 35% income tax for free education and free medical care. Please, stay for years and report back every few decades on your satisfaction with that system.

  8. Ah, he’s a foot-dragger no doubt. Me, I’m still waiting for the Gitmo shutdown, which he PROMISED he would do. He’s all talk, no walk. Sure, he’s better than Bush, but so was Nixon! Perhaps Obama should refer to “Harlem” by Lanston Highes– “what happens to a dream deferred?”

  9. Obama addresses just this sort of “foot dragging” people are complaining about in “Audacity of Hope” – as Tiki says, it’s about consensus, and having to deal with a LOT of people. He has a government and a country to appease. If he’d just hammered down everything in the first week of his tenure, you’d be calling him a dictator.

    You say change is happening too slow? Really? In 6 months, I’ve seen gay marriage be made law (in how many states now?). In 6 months I’ve seen a Latin WOMAN and and black WOMAN get major positions in his administration. In 6 months, I’ve seen the ridiculous “refusal to sell Plan B/birth control” bill slammed the hell down.

    You had fucktitude of immense proportions for almost a decade and you can’t wait another 3 1/2 years for things to change? oy.

  10. Amanda, the gay marriage being made legal in several states were through STATE court decisions and legislative acts that had nothing to do with Obama. I’m fairly certain those balls were rolling acts even before his election, and certainly before his inauguration. Same with the Plan B pill” ruling–if I’m correct, the judge in that case was even a Bush appointee.

    You’re right about the appointees, though. However, how do you explain the administration’s silence with the Justice Department’s Supreme Court defense of DADT as well as DOMA? Not a word was said in those cases, as I recall.

    My point is that some of these things would seem to have happened even under Bush, as they’ve taken place on a state level. So yes, a little patience may be in order, but as far as ACTIONS–and not words–go with Obama and us bitching queers, there’s not much to see. So forgive us if we’re a little tired of being everyone’s punching bags, both literally and figuratively.

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