1. The interview was fantastic but watching things like that always makes me so angry in a reactionary way. Revolutionary thoughts and all that. It’s just too bad that I agree with David Simon when he says it’ll have to get a lot worse before the public stands up to fight for what’s theirs.

  2. What Marc said. That interview was great. Been meaning to track down the series on DVD for a long time… Gonna do it in earnest now.

  3. Thanks for posting that. i think this show is completely under appreciated. The wire applies to any major city, not just Baltimore.

  4. I’ve never seen an episode. Can’t go onto hulu.com and the only TV channel around here that airs it (without Dubbing or something similarly distracting) is the BBC at 2.30 AM. I’d like to give it a try, though – if you have any suggestions about where I can find an episode, lemme know please?

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