• nkw

    Before I went to Google to translate the text, I guessed the sign warned users that if your rolling bin catches on the edge of a descending elevator doorway, you could be crushed to death in a really embarassing way. Google says the caption reads “Dangerous to transport goods in elevators without inner door or photocell”.

  • nkw

    That’s Swedish, by the way.

  • Rob-Ert

    Makes sense to me.

  • Elevator design fail.

  • crazyred

    This elevator drops so fast you’ll need a trash can to catch all your puke.

  • Stewmeat

    sure Chris, what you’re looking at is pure awesome.

  • Piri

    Das ist Claus.
    Guten Morgen Claus.

  • Vlad the Impala

    I don’t know but Texas has ordered 50 of them as a more humane (yet more degrading) form of execution than the electric chair.

  • Jacob

    Seen this many times IRL. “Warning: Risk of getting squeezed”, and what nkw said.

    // one of your Swedish regulars 🙂

  • Charlie

    I could tell you but that would spoil the surprise.

  • It warns the passenger of riding with cargo in an elevator that lacks an inner door or photocell (with as Jacob says, risk of getting squeezed)

  • LOIV

    Congrats on making boing boing.


  • ah, the old risk of getting squeezed!

  • What gets me is someone probably did this, died, then some other genius decided to make a sign to prevent somebody else from getting a Darwin Award.

  • LarsW

    Those signs are compulsory in elevators without inner doors in Sweden. There are also plans for a law prohibiting elevators without inner doors.

  • Magrat

    Looks like a Paternoster elevator.
    We used to torment new staff with tales of what happens if you don’t get off at the top.
    I challenge anyone to get on with a trash can though – without getting crushed that is.