1. I’d like to stick a picture of Jesus on the cross beneath that “be the hammer not the nail” sign.
    But I’d sure get beaten up by atheletic acedemics.

  2. I can’t imagine being so stupid as to make a sign with so many errors in this day of spellcheckers. Both the coach and the sign maker must have been home schooled. I guess home schooling emphasizes religion and avoids any other kind of l’arnin’.

  3. “Ok mom, I hope I do really good at homeschool, that way I can get into home-college, then I can get a home-job and makes tons of home-money.”


  4. Remember, homeschooling’s not just for dumbasses and/or religious folk! And, really, in GA… if you need to get away from the zealots – you stay home.

  5. Yet again, the religious fundamentalists give homeschooling a bad name. We’re homeschooling our kids next year (one’s in kindergarten, the other in 2nd grade) using a hybrid Waldorf curriculum, and we’re about as far from the fundie types as possible. The only things we have in common are an independent streak and a dissatisfaction with the status quo. Funny how those inclinations can lead to such polarized outcomes.

  6. Bob: do your kids a favour and make sure you hybridize out the Steiner approach to tech, science, and maths… Actually I’m sure you are (given your blog). But I’m a… what? alumnus? survivor? of Waldorf education, and while there was a lot that was constructive it left me seriously unprepared for the contemporary world.

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