1. 3 pairs of knee high black boots, 3 pairs of black heels, 2 pairs of black sandals, a pair of crimson MaryJanes, and some beat up 8 hole Docs that I got in 91

  2. Same. Black dress shoes. Black pair of Dockers for work. Black sneakers. We must shop at the same place. 😉

    The wife? One whole wall of her walk-in closet has one of those wire racks for shoes. All full.

  3. five-ish. Kitchen clogs, soccer cleats, a nasty old pair of Vans and a new pair of Vans. Also a pair of weird shoes I found on the side of the road when I was a little drunk, I really liked the idea of free shoes at the time. People should be handing shoes out like bibles.

  4. i have two pair,
    one pair of pumas which i wear to work (its a relaxed office environment)
    and a pair of etnies which are falling apart but are also the most comfortable shoes ive ever owned, that i use to wander around my ‘hood when im not working.

  5. 3 pairs of shoes? How do you survive, I have three pairs of boots alone, not to count the sixteen pairs of sneakers, five pairs of dress shoes and a single pair of sorry sandals…

  6. 3 pair of flip flops
    1 pair of ballet flats
    3 pair of work heels
    1 pair of work clogs
    2 pair of sneakers (one for workout/mall, one for vacation)
    1 pair of slip on sneakers

  7. Hmm… two pair of dress shoes (one black, one brown), 3 pair of sneakers (two sets of Chucks, one red, one green), and a pair of hiking boots.

  8. one pair, every day (good)
    one pair, falling apart (comfy, decade old)
    one pair, sandals
    two pair, boots (avoided, even in the depths of winter)
    one pair, sneakers (never used)
    six-ish… what more does a girl need?

  9. I am a rare breed, the dude shoe whore.
    2 pair black dress shoes (1 at work for when I cycle in)
    1 pair cycling shoes (mountain bike variety)
    2 pair Keen sneakers (Venturas)
    2 pair other Keens (slip on/tie up)
    2 pair Teva sneakers
    2 pair running shoes
    1 pair Doc Marten 8 hole boots
    1 pair Keen H2O sandals
    1 pair Birkenstocks (I am in the PNW)
    1 pair water shoes
    1 pair flip-flops (what we callled ‘Thongs’ as a kid until underwear ruined that)
    1 pair steel toed work boots (for welding)
    1 pair army ranger mountain boots (for the snow)
    Um, I think that’s it for now. Depends if there is a sale on Keens or not…

  10. Think i have more than my girlfriend has:
    5 pair of sneakers
    6 pair for work
    1 pair dress shoes
    1 pair boots
    2 pair worn down shoes for painting etc.
    1 pair cycling shoes
    1 pair of sandals
    17 pair

    I swap around a lot so it takes me years to wear ‘m out. 95% bought as a bargain sale. ALL in use.

  11. I think 6.

    Basketball shoes
    brown dress shoes
    black dress shoes
    junkers/mowing the lawn, etc (recycled sneakers)

  12. Hmmm, 2 old Nikes that are on the verge of being thrown out due to age but still get worn occsionally.
    1 black Blackspot that are organic hemp and very comfortable.
    1 brown Steve Madden.
    1 burgundy dress shoes.
    1 brown dress boots that I rediscovered for work.
    1 black dress boots that I rediscovered for work that have the square toe and aren’t cool anymore, I think?
    1 running shoe (rarely used so still look new).
    1 hiking boot (thank you Scratch and Dent sale at REI! $30).
    1 NorthFace hiking cross trainer from REI that need to be replaced.
    1 black dress shoes.
    1 soccer cleats.
    2 flip flops.

    I’m a cheap pack rat. Does Goodwill take heavily used shoes?

  13. I have 3 pairs of dress shoes, two brown and one black (I just can’t bring myself to get rid of one of the brown pairs, because they’re so comfortable despite their condition).

    My regular sneakers. My “dirty work” sneakers for mowing the lawn, digging out trees, etc.

    And a pair of sandals.

  14. A lot. That’s as close to a count as I can get. Even after I threw out/donated a bunch of them. But, I recently received a “Shoes Under” from my mother-in-law (she heard about my shoes vs. shoe storage space problem) so they are now in a slightly better order.

    I’m buying another pair today, too. Have to get some for my brother’s wedding. 🙂

  15. 2 pairs black skate shoes (bottom heels worn away)
    1 pair blue skate shoes (bottom heels worn away)
    1 pair brown skate shoes (in good shape!)
    (I don’t actually skate, I just like the shoes)
    1 pair dress/work/”nice” skechers
    1 pair rubber baseball cleats
    1 pair metal baseball cleats

    I can actually wear the skate shoes to work, so those get used during the week, and the metal baseball cleats come out on the weekends. I hate when I have to get the “nice” pair out — that usually means I have to go to something really boring.

  16. One pair of black Adidas.
    Two pairs of black dress shoes, one with laces and one slip on.
    One pair of brown dress shoes, slip on.
    One pair of beat old shoes to mow the lawn in.
    One pair of sandals I hate with a passion but have yet to find a suitable replacement pair.
    One pair of swim shoes for pool bathrooms.
    One pair of winter boots.

    So, 8 total.

  17. Do flip flops count? I have 4 pairs of those.
    plus 3 pairs of dress shoes.
    plus 3 pairs of running shoes.
    plus 4 pairs of casual shoes.
    plus 3 pairs of boots.
    plus 1 pair of golf shoes.
    plus 1 pair of soccer cleats.
    I may be forgetting some. So um, yeah…at least 19. That’s a lot of shoes for a dude.

  18. Everyday tennis shoes, old gardening tennis shoes, everyday sandals, old gardening sandals, white heels, black heels, snow boots. Seven. The problem is that two of my daughters can wear my size now, so I feel like I don’t have ANY shoes!

    The good news is that I will inherit their current shoes when they grow. However, those will probably be worn out when that happens.

  19. 3 pairs clogs/mules
    a pair of no-slip work boots
    2 pair hiking boots
    2 pair sneakers (New Balance)
    some flip flops

    The moment I get in the house – nothing is on my feet. I am purely functional. Though my clogs are pretty cool looking!

  20. 3 pairs of sneakers (1 is a gym pair)
    5 pairs of flip flops (I probably have more, just don’t know where they are atm)
    6 pairs of dress shoes (Probably more again!)
    1 pair of fancy boots

    I love shoes with a passion… I am such a shoe girl

  21. Nine, I think:

    2 pairs of boots, brown & black
    2 pairs of slip-on work shoes, brown & black
    1 pair of sneakers
    1 pair of “jelly” sandals
    1 pair of green heels (for a wedding, will probably never, ever wear again)
    1 pair of white heels
    1 pair of flippy floppies, though I should have more since that’s the only sensible thing to wear in an Arizonan summer.

  22. I would like to mention that my husband is a shoe whore.
    he has 8 pairs of ankle boots for everyday wear. they coordinate with the stitching on the 1000000 pairs of jeans he owns.

  23. 1 pair of Adidas
    2 pairs of Saucony running shoes
    1 pair of Saucony walking shoes
    1 pair of casual work shoes
    1 pair of boots
    1 pair of dress shose
    2 pairs of Adidas soccer cleats

    It’s weird. During the same time last year, I only had 1 pair of Adidas and 1 pair of cleats. I guess getting a real job changes things…

  24. Steel toe workboots, black
    Running shoes (Nike), white and blue
    Spare running shoes (skater), tan and white
    Dock shoes, brown
    Slippers, stuffed animal gorillas
    Dress shoes, black

  25. @ err: It’s not a PUMA!

    @ Chris: Do sandwich baggies count? Because that raises the number by a couple dozen. I love the Cynics, but these are the lamest answers I have ever read. No more questions where numbers plus brand names are the answer. Unless it’s about how many cereal box tops you have collected so far to win a trip to see the Jonas Brothers in Orlando.

  26. I too own 3 pairs of shoes. A scholarly looking pair of brown canvas shoes, a slipper like pair that I find useful for everyday, and a pair of really nice sneakers that are 3 sizes too big but are still comfortable enough to be used. The first two pairs are quickly approaching a point where they’re very likely to fall apart on me in public. There are increasingly large holes in the bottom of the scholarly canvas shoes, very comfortable but embarassing when people see the soles. The slipperish shoes were just made with cheap glue and the soles, while in good shape, are falling off.

  27. only 3? I take more than that on holiday with me!

    don’t know for sure how many as they are all in a big pile, but I’d guess around 30, 99% trainers (or sneakers to you guys) and of them 99% white.

  28. when they stopped making my running shoe, i stocked up, so i have three identical pairs of them which i cycle through, plus one pair of black dress shoes.

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