1. Did you originally post this before the news broke about the hospital visit? If so…creepy.

    These things do happen in threes. Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and now Michael Jackson. Creepy part two.

    It’s a shame that Jacko was such a weird freakazoid, because he was an incredibly talented individual who had some awesome songs. I still love me some Thriller, despite my being born the year it came out.

  2. I have trouble with all of these people getting weepy about his death. If Joe Schmo down the block was LARGELY suspected of doing bad things to kids and died of a heart attack, people wouldn’t be sad. Why is it okay to be super upset about him? Just because he could sing and dance and write catchy tunes??

  3. To clarify, I’m not saying that I’m happy he’s dead. Not at all. I just think it’s interesting how all the horrible stuff he supposedly did is going to get referred to as his “troubled times” or “bad decisions” throughout the news coverage.

  4. I am also at a loss for words. To be honest, I feel indifferent, although I feel very sympatheticfor his friends and family. He was very talented and I loved his Jackson 5 and Thriller days. My interest started to wane over the years as he became more of a spectacle. What I’d really like to know is why he felt the need to butcher his body with plastic surgeries and skin lightening. What sort of trauma did he experience to go to such drastic measures?

  5. Jocelyn, although it’s widely contested (for obvious reasons) he has claimed the skin-lightening was a result of vitilgo. While it seems like a convenient excuse, it does kind of seem legitimate in some of his photos from the 80s.
    In any case, I hope he can find some peace now. He always seemed so tortured to me.

  6. I’m with Erin. I’m horribly cynical about “don’t speak ill of the dead”.

    A clause is going into my will that I don’t want no bullshit sentimental lies told about me when I die. Not that anyone would care, because I’m not a celebraty.

  7. I saw that TMZ alert by happenstance around 5:30pm. I immediately got on Twitter and followed it from there, BBC online, and MSNBC.

    Why? I have no idea, but I’ve never felt more up-to-date about anything before.

    Chris, will you continue to use the gif of Michael Jackson eating popcorn after this?

  8. @Chris you’ve got to keep the popcorn eating gif!!! It’s an icon (so to speak).

    Otherwise, who cares? Like his music or not, he was a freak. I’m not glad to see he’s dead but I’m not mourning his passing, either.

  9. Today is going to be one of those, “where were you when you heard Michael Jackson died” kinda things. What should be added is “what was the reaction.” I was at work. Work stopped, a lot of people were laughing and making jokes. A few people were freaked out at that, and a few were shaken up.

  10. Usually I don’t get that upset about celebrity deaths… but I feel genuinely sad now. He was a weirdo, yes, but somehow a whole generation of music died with him.

  11. Despite anything good or bad he did or didn’t do… this is too soon. He was too young. If, as one post I’ve read speculates, it was due to abuse of Rx drugs, it was a waste as well. More than anything, I’m feeling angry. I’m not a major MJ fan, but seeing genuine talent thwarted frustrates me–particularly because there is so much NONtalent getting publicity.

    OK, end of rant…. >:-(

  12. @ Debbe – you nailed how I feel! I am feeling the shock over and over again and I just feel angry that such a great artist had to suffer so badly.

  13. I’m actually pretty sad he died. I’m not crying uncontrollably or anything, I just find it unfortunate he died, especially at his age. And I find it interesting that it saddens me considering I didn’t even know the man personally. It’s really odd how fame affects your perception.

  14. I think of famous people dying like, it’s not like I was going to meet them anyway. And if they weren’t doing anything interesting lately, it doesn’t matter much to me. But when I heard that Michael Jackson died, I didn’t think of who he had become but the little boy and the young man. In my mind, he was always this way, and I think that person died a long time ago. It was truly a shock to me though, no matter what he’d done, I kind of liked the eccentricity of the guy. That’s not something you get with every celebrity, his estate was so spectacular. The plastic surgery and the alleged pedophilia not so much. Not too many people are so great and so bad, but most people you know are a little on either side of good and bad. I still think of the young Michael Jackson and how he was never coming back and then one day he died for real. Unexpected, that’s all I have for a reaction, the memory always goes to the best of times for him. Not even so much a fan, but that’s where he is frozen in time for me.

  15. Michael Jackson has been found UNGUITLY by the court. But this seems to mean nothing to certain people who just WANT to believe the worst. Anyone can sue anyone for anything these days! It means nothing. I personally don’t believe Michael was capable of hurting a child; he was still a child himself and such a soft and friendly person all his life. I also don’t no what really happend, but it was probably just a try to milk Jackson financially. Fact is, people don’t know unless they have been there. And since Michael has been found unguilty by an American-Court (which are the toughest), who dares to keep on saying he was a child-abuser? People who still call him a ”perv”have absolutely no concience! And this has nothing to do with his death. I believe that Michael Jackson has been killed by greedy and heartless people. And I don’t get it why it is so easy in our times to detroy a person like that?

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