1. After watching the two part interview, going in neutral, I was outraged that Martin Bashir played on Jackson’s every word, drew the child out of him (which wasn’t hard), led him to believe he was his friend and amazed by him then used it against him. Martin Bashir, is the lowest, back stabbing, twisting and taking everything he could out of text. It was life & career damaging to Jackson forever & I feel like he trusted him completely. How dare him call himself a journalist. The way he manipulated Jackson makes him the pedophile! I have felt this way since the interview & will never watch a program with Bashir’s face on it!

  2. Bashir is a treacherous swine who should be shunned by anyone who has morals. ABC have shown exactly how much they can be trusted: not at all.

  3. this breaks my heart. he was so innocent and so betrayed by so many people. why do people prey on the weak? this world is so cruel. i pray that michael is at peace now. his life story just breaks my heart. i’ve been crying more than i thought i would over his death. and i do blame martin bashir for the downward spiral that lead to this death. i hope he pays for it some day.

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