1. I think just about everyone dislikes having water spritzed in their face. But granted, not everyone who’s ever done that to me was at a 60% spiritual level. Jackasses.

  2. MMmmm…. religious torture + the paranormal + a video camera. Always a winning combination.
    60% spiritual level? Pure win.

  3. This seems to be from India, whether from souther or northern part, unsure. But spiritual possession is a common way for women who are disatisfied with something their husband or mother-in-law is treating them. The possession allows them to communicate what is frustrating them and lash out at those who are causing this to them without being held accountable or punished for doing so. I dont believe in it, but just giving some anthro knowledge. Learned about it in an Anthro religion class. Seems these people are trying to claim this to be signs of ghostly possesions.

  4. it kinda reminds me of some kind of d&d game… spiritual level of 60% with a +3 holiness and +6 holywater takes on ghost with +5 evil +2 colourful armour and +3 claws of death

    i think its north.. judging by the jewellery and clothing.. looks like stuff from punjab. i was bored enough to look at their clothing.
    agreed on all that stuff u said about indian women.

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