1. Ha! Like anyone who even remotely pays attention would mistake him for a (D). Too bad I’m moving out of SC Sanford, I would love to vote against you again!

  2. Why the FCC isn’t pounding them… oh. Duh.

    What really gets me is how people can’t see through the crap. My husband watches it every night (explains why I can’t get to sleep) and I have to say all I hear is constant WHINING from Bill O’Reilly on how the “LIBERAL” media is calling him names. Waaaaahhhhhhhh….. He NEVER calls anyone names! (Can you say “Pinhead”?) I say boycott whiners. Don’t even get me started on ole’ “frothin at the mouth” Coulter!

    It worries me to no end that people think Fox news is good for them. It’s bad for everyone. They get away with all kinds of crap because it’s called “opinion” television – and let people mistake it for news. It’s embarrassing.

    *Sigh* Thanks for letting me rant 🙂

  3. too funny… watchin fox is like watching a wrestle match in 80’s, you know its mostly fake but the crowd believes it to be true…stupid crowd..

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