1. I watch this ‘JOKER’ sometimes in the morning… Because I believe every good day should start with a hearty laugh! Pastor Murray contradicts himself on almost every other sentence, and at the end of the “SHOW”, the questions section, he gives answers which make almost no sense at all, in an atempt, mostly from questioners under the age of 12 to twist their minds so that they can never get a chance to experience the truth about the way things really are in the Universe.

  2. This bozo is as phony as they come. I watch him for giggles, too.

    His latest display of “intelligence” was in reply to some question about global warming, which he denied based on the fact that some northern reaches are actually a degree or two colder (this happens when ice melts and breaks off and drifts south of the Arctic and cools the surrounding areas), proclaiming that Genesis says as long as there are days there will be hot and cold…his point being? He also blamed this “falsehood” on the Communists, who, he obviously hasn’t been told, are no longer considered to be the “end the world” threat we once feared.

    Like Ol’ Bugs says, “What a maroon!”

  3. This man is the only one on television or in the entire world that I know is teaching the truth. If you’d just listen u may learn a thing or two.

  4. Pastor Murray has spent the greater part of his life sharing the word of God, to the best of his ability. He may have been prejudiced or involved in other things which are not good, I don’t know. I do know however, that he reads directly from the Holy, Annointed, Scriptures.
    Until anyone has done more to share God’s word with his fellow man, he really has no room to criticize another. Perhaps some of Pastor Murrays beliefs or teachings do not line up with what you believe. That is fine, and that is why God has given us a spirit of decernment. We are instructed to rightly devide the word of truth.
    I find it rather disturbing that when a man spends his life trying to share God’s word, and help people recieve his word, that so many people want to attack and ridicule him, and discredit him so that they might make the work he does somehow ineffectual.
    Thank God there are still men willing to share God’s word.

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