Two O’Clock Trailers – The Time Traveler’s Wife

I loved the first half of the book The Time Traveler’s Wife until it ditched the time traveling part and just went into full blown romance novel mode and I realized I had been tricked, tricked into reading a girly book. (Plus I really hated the ending. Actually, I don’t even remember the ending now but only my reaction to it which was “Oh, come on!”)


  1. Yup, that’s how they got me too. The time travel part was really interesting and then the book couldn’t end fast enough once it was clear it was a vaguely sci-fi-ish romance novel. I kinda liked the ending. They both got what was coming.

  2. I highly recommend the first 100 pages of the book. By then the writer totally ran out of ideas. Imagine “Slaughterhouse 5” but with a woman always waiting for Billy Pilgrim rather than Billy just living his life in scrambled sequence. I’m sure it will be made into an awful movie using a special effect similar to “Jumper”.

  3. I can’t tell from everyone’s names listed, but it does appear that this cynical lot is all male. Oh, but from the female perspective this is the most wonderful romantic book. I wept like a fool for days thinking about the ending and warned a girlfriend who was going to finish the book on an airplane that unless she was good with public displays of intense emotion she should not do so. The concept of two people so destined to be together and a love so intense that it is able to defy all sense of what is real in order to exist… that’s so magical and wonderful. I don’t consider myself a romantic sap. In fact, I am the sort that would most certainly scoff at any suggestion that I would enjoy a romance novel, whether it be harlequin garbage, ticky-tacky Danielle Steele or more upgraded drivel. But this novel was something else entirely. I’ve really been looking forward to the film, but also dreading it because of the potential to handle it badly. Perhaps I was ruined at an early age when I saw the film Somewhere in Time and decided that true love was just like the movie depicted it: destined. There’s something impossibly wonderful about the notion that there is a love so powerful that a constant such as time can be bent around it. Just a consideration from a girl’s perspective, gentlemen.

  4. ^^ I’m with Cherie, I thought it was great, and I’m a bloke. Yes also very girly, but it felt like a fresh perspective at least. Never read Slaughterhouse 5 though.

    Didn’t even bother watching the trailer, movie is guaranteed to be poo!

  5. As for the trailer itself – is there ANYTHING in the film that isn’t shown in the ad? I really can’t imagine what could be left to discover, aside from clarifying how they deal with her sadness over the entire situation.

  6. From Cherie’s description, it sounds like – book and movie – something I will avoid like the plague.

    I love good sci fi. I detest good sci fi turned into sap (hence my love for the book Contact, but loathing for the movie). I’m a purist that does not appreciate my genre bastardized. Rant mutter rant

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