A Donny and Marie Star Wars

I can’t vouch for how awesomely bad or badsomely awesome this is because 2 minutes in Redd Foxx appears as Obi Wan and I knew that I had to post this as soon as possible. And even as I type this post, Kris Kristofferson has appeared as Han Solo. Oh god, where’s the publish button… publish, PUBLISH!

Forgot to put a via link (via Topless Robot)

Donny and Marie are playing the Flamingo in Vegas. If they put this bit back in we would have to have the first Cynicon there.


  1. Paul Lynde, dancing stormtroopers, and what appear to be Rockettes as well. Donny and Marie participated in this WITHOUT ANY DRUG USE INVOLVED, which is pretty scary (can’t say the same for Kris Kristofferson, though…).

  2. I’ve never seen a checklist for making a 1970s variety show skit, but you really need look no further than this.

    1. Glob on to recent pop culture phenomenon
    2. Bastardize some popular songs with new lyrics and a goofier tempo
    3. Choreography featuring a lot of alternating shoulder movements, step-behinds, and unnatural-pose-finishes
    4. Paul Lynde
    5. Futuristic scene transitions

    What’s unique about this though, is the total lack of sexual energy between Marie and hunky guest Kristofferson.

  3. The announcer sounded like Thurl Ravenscroft.

    Is that the guy that did the voice for Tony the Tiger? (Sounded like him)

    Paul Linde as Tarkin. Every time I heard his voice I kept imagining Roger the Alien from American Dad.

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