Two O’Clock Trailers – The Time Traveler’s Wife

I loved the first half of the book The Time Traveler’s Wife until it ditched the time traveling part and just went into full blown romance novel mode and I realized I had been tricked, tricked into reading a girly book. (Plus I really hated the ending. Actually, I don’t even remember the ending now but only my reaction to it which was “Oh, come on!”)

A Donny and Marie Star Wars

I can’t vouch for how awesomely bad or badsomely awesome this is because 2 minutes in Redd Foxx appears as Obi Wan and I knew that I had to post this as soon as possible. And even as I type this post, Kris Kristofferson has appeared as Han Solo. Oh god, where’s the publish button… publish, PUBLISH!

Forgot to put a via link (via Topless Robot)

Donny and Marie are playing the Flamingo in Vegas. If they put this bit back in we would have to have the first Cynicon there.