1. According to paranoid Christians with a persecution complex, anyone who is openly an atheist and has the gall to express a desire for the same rights and privileges as any other group.

  2. Someone who has the nerve to keep on being an atheist after being presented with a perfectly reasonable offer to submit or face eternal damnation.

    Can be identified through the use of the following phrases: “Bible verses aren’t proof!” “Get that banana away from me!” and “Stop following me before I call a cop, you creep!”

  3. You know how there are militant fundies? People like O’Reilly who just shout you down with “you’re wrong, I’m right” or resort to namecalling and other bullpucky instead of actually going to the facts? People who dismiss the facts when they are in contradiction to what they believe? People who can’t let other people believe what they want to in peace, and must believe like the fundie does or they’re WRONG!?

    Well, there are people like that who are atheists. Thankfully, it seems they are in much shorter supply than their religious counterparts. On observation though, it appears they may comprise about the same percentage of the atheist population as the fundie religious folks, which is to say less than 2% and perhaps even less than 1%. Also, I’ve never encountered a militant atheist that went door to door to convert anyone, unlike thier religious conterparts.

  4. I was very annoyed when media types started to referring to the Atheist bus campaign as an example of militant atheism. I use the phrase “Militant atheists put slogans on buses – Militant theists blow them up!”

  5. Actually, a militant atheist would be the neighbor who wrote threatening letters and put them in my families mailbox (my dad is a minister). The letters claimed we were the cause of the world’s problems (I know religion often is) and that he would personally murder us/blow us up unless we closed the church. I am not the only one to experience this either, a family friend who was a pastor had to move because of ongoing death threats against his family and an attempted kidnapping of his child, by a person claiming to be associated with American Atheists.
    A militant atheist was also the person who broke into our church, vandalized it and destroyed much of our food pantry for the homeless. Threats of death were also present there. An atheist woman also shredded our hymnals one day when the church had been left unlocked so that a meeting could be held there later the day.
    I live in a rural, largely Christian area in a Mid-Atlantic state, and I know that atheists in the area have taken a lot of crap from Christians, most notably in a debate about allowing a cross to be erected in a public park a few years ago. But don’t be fooled, irrationality and violence and cruelty are not only done by Christians, or even in the name of religion. I also know that these sorts of things aren’t common among atheists, but the stuff Christians get the wrap for (like doctor murder) isn’t representative of us either. But as I have shown, people do some pretty nasty things in the name of atheism just like the do religion – and I think that qualifies as militant.

  6. -l, most of what you mention looks to me like angsty teenager vandalism, most of which would be against religion not out of personal conviction, but to simply act in opposition to their parents.
    Most people gets over that phase.

  7. First, define “militant atheist”….
    Atheist point of view, or xian? The answers will be quite different. I didn’t think it was militant to have a Darwin fish on my car, but my rural Texas neighbors sure thought it was!

  8. an atheist who speaks with as much conviction about there not being a god/s as religious people speak about there being a god/s.

  9. The word “militant” bespeaks bearing arms. Until an aetheist begins a war or assassinates someone in the name of their aetheism, aethists are simply “vocal”.

    As we’re allowed to be.

  10. Apparently, a “militant” atheist is anybody who dares let on that there might be even a faint possibility of a chance that religion isn’t the solution to all problems…

  11. A militant atheist is a person who resorts to self justified physical violence as means to prevent religious influence and order.

    War is not an extension of politics – violence is not an extension of discourse.

    Violence is always a diversion from the subject matter!

  12. It is someone who slams anyone trying to convert you to some sort of religious belief about the head with a lump of bacon.
    Wait – what a waste of bacon – let’s make that a raw chicken.

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