• Klaatu

    But can he do it with chopsticks?

  • And PETA immediately issued a statement condemning the death of the fly.

    No, seriously, they did.

  • lumpi

    There is a difference between killing a mosquito and shooting an endangered bear in a wildlife preserve just for the fun. And if you don’t point out that difference to the public, you’re doing a pretty bad job as an animal’s rights organization.

  • Marlea

    PETA is just as annoying as a mosquito

  • Frank

    So Bush attracts shoes and Obama attracts flies? Creepy all around, I say…

  • Goaltender

    @Frank Lets be fair to Obama – there’s a good chance it was the reporter that attracted the fly.

  • Amanda

    Oh FFS. Yeah, let’s be kind, rewind to the eeny weeny cutesey wootsey flies that carry disease and death!

    Fucking Hell Peta, get a grip.

  • orangefall

    Obama = OK Corral Winner

  • Salome Daigre

    PETA they are all Morons, why even pay attention to idiots. I will keep rotten meat and every time a fly comes by I will KILL IT with Pleasure.

  • gigly

    Obamas biggest accomplishment to date

  • No doubt the thing was drawn to the big stinking mess that Obama’s predecessor made.

  • Will

    Which was the more impressive display of athleticism, Bush’s shoe dodge or Obama’s fly swat?