Welcome to the Hotel Quarantine

From A Product Guy:

Tuesday I arrive at the airport and beg and charm my way into an exit row seat…of course, as luck would have it, the guy next to me is twice my size which kind of cancels out the benefits of having an exit row seat, and as it also turns out, the person behind me has swine flu, which kinda cancels out a whole host of other awesome things. So how did they find out that the person sitting behind me had swine flu? Well, each time an airplane lands, a crew dressed up in outbreak gear gets on the plane. They point a laser at everyone’s forehead to scan their temperature, and if anyone has a high temperature, they take them out back and shoot them have them tested for swine flu. If they turn out positive, then they are immediately quarantined, and the people three rows in front, and three rows behind are also sought out for quarantine (that makes me the lucky winner!).

So, back to the present, or what was the present (Friday night), and I’ve got my bags all packed up, and I’m sitting on the bed in my hotel room, staring out at the Beijing skyline. I felt like Ed Norton in the 25th Hour, waiting for the po-po to come and get me and bring me in (I know, melodramatic, but for a white collar dude that spends 99% of his working hours in front of a computer, this is hopefully as close to the slammer as I’ll ever get).

And the post about what it’s like living in Hotel Quarantine is interesting.
So the swine flu crew finally arrives, and they come in and take a couple swabs of whatever it is they use to test for swine flu from the back of my throat. I’m escorted out of the hotel, and my limo ambulance arrives to take me away. Sean, from the Westin, is super helpful, and they help me get my bags loaded onto the ambulance: