• If you can carry a wine glass, wouldn’t you be able to carry a bottle?

  • spritesuzi

    And if you’re so concerned about weight, the water to mix this with weighs basically the same as wine, anyway… Use your normal camp cup, and pack the bottle!

  • Show this to a French person and he’ll pass out. I’m shocked.

  • I mean, it’s the equivalent to snapping a picture of a Caravaggio with your cellphone and framing it.

    Or playing Beethoven on a cellphone.

    Damn, anything on a cellphone actually.

  • Mike Kohnke

    On a romantic picnic, nothing says class like sharing a glass of powdered wine.

    She might be more impressed if you just chopped it into lines and snorted it.

  • No. Way.
    Now I want to go camping!
    Must have.
    Lisa (MsFitUniverse)

  • zvl

    I like the “snort it” idea

  • David Benton

    @G-Man: http://www.gsioutdoors.com/detail.aspx?a=8&c2=15&p=73300&

    @spritesuzi: The same is essentially true of all food that is meant to be rehydrated. Backpackers carry such when there is a water source in the wilderness. If one had to carry all of the drinking and cooking water they plan to use, there would be no point. It would just be inconvenient, sub-par food (or wine).

  • Rock

    This is a great alternative to packing in a heavy bottle. With a lightweight water purifier, a light weight cup and a handful of powder packets you’re set for that wilderness dinner party!