Israeli Settlements in the West Bank

From The Big Picture:

Relations between the Israeli government and the Obama administration have become tense lately over the issue of growing Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Nearly 300,000 Israelis now live in such settlements, alongside some 2.5 million Palestinians. The tense disputes over the settlements touch on religious and historical claims, local and international laws, and, of course political disagreements. The settlements range in size and permanence from “wildcat” outposts made of plywood shacks to established cities of tens of thousands. The international community views over 100 of the settlements as illegal under international law. Despite calls from the U.S. for a complete freeze on expansion, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that, though Israel would not build any new settlements and would dismantle unauthorized outposts, it would still allow building within existing settlements to accommodate “natural growth.”


  1. I took a trip to the West Bank last month and stayed in a Palestinian village. The things the settlers to do the villagers and their property is almost unbelievable and disgusting. Beating up Palestinian kids on their way to school, stealing wheat Palestinians have just harvested, taking farm land, etc. The Israeli Army has to accompany the children to school, and even then settlers will sometimes attack. They’re fuckin’ crazy. It’s unbelievable that so many of our tax dollars go to a government that gives multiple subsidies to people who do that. Water, electricity and garbage are serviced even for the illegal outposts.

  2. The settlers are all extremist Zionists who are, part and parcel, THE major problem.

    Nothing will ever be settled between Israelis and Palestinians so long as those lunatics keep doing what they’re doing.

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