1. Meh #1: I have too many toys in here.
    Meh #2: Seriously, the green thing was going overboard!
    Meh #3: How am I supposed to lay on my back and be cute?!
    Meh #4: Meh, you’re not even listening.
    Meh #5: Guess I’ll go over to this square inch…
    Erm #1: oops, what’s this pink thing?
    Meh #6: Another damn toy!

  2. My cat is another one that never finishes it’s meows. Her squeaks are reasonably high frequency “Mee..”. We finish her sentences for her all the time.

    Catten: “Mee…” (Feed Me)
    Mum: “ow!”
    Catten: *looks blank*

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