1. That guy is fantastic. Those moves are amazing.
    I love how near the end, guys were RUNNING to go join them although minutes earlier they weren’t interested. Herd mentality is powerful.

  2. That made my heart really happy. It’s just like the parade scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.. so big and joyous! Here’s proof things like that really do happen.

  3. Hey, the second guy can only “join” since there actually is something to “join”. Eventually another dude would have joined anyway. One man can make a party, drugs often do help 😉

  4. I think everyone was secretly wanting to dance but was embarrassed, but it took the first guy and the few that followed to make is OK to do so.

    BTW does anyone know what the music was? I would totally randomly dance to that.

  5. If only they kept running. There’s a 500+’ cliff that plunges into the Columbia River below. That is my favorite venue to spend summer rocking out. Check out the Gorge at George. Chris, this is right by my hometown of Kennewick WA.

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