1. I would say what I would do to that guy if that were my kid, but I would be banned.

    OK, I’ll tell you anyway. I would burn down his church!

  2. There’s a pont when it stops being a joke, like when the munchkin starts crying. And then the asshole reporter keeps going on…that’s when it’s Daddy’s job to say, “Okay, pal, it’s time for you to get the hell off of my property.”

  3. that woman is actually the WGN “Around Town” reporter Ana Belaval. No one fucks with Ana (she really is awesome). I’m sure Pat got an earful (he sucks).

  4. I think he handled it well. It was all for the lulz, though he obviously didn’t want the kid to cry at least he didn’t backflip on his joke. Gotta save face and stay committed. I commend him.

    Here comes helicopter mom to save poor hurt ego of a kid who will never remember it and was probably crying because of all the ‘attention’

    Another helicopter parent, another child who will need mommy or daddy to save them when the slightest disturbance happens.

  6. What a sadistic, mean bully. But since that’s the real essence of competition he should have a long, prosperous career in show business and be idolized as a hero to millions. The other reporters initially laughing at the little boy crying shows their true colors as well and verifies that brutality is really the modus operandus of so-called society.

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