How to Get Banned From Commenting on Cynical-C

I’m not exactly sure how many people have commented on this blog but the total number of comments is slightly over 60,000. And with all those comments, I’ve only had to ban about a dozen people who think that I’m footing the bill for them to be complete jackasses. Most were banned for insulting other commenters after being warned several times to cool it. A few others were banned for racist or homophobic comments. And then you have the person I just banned today who goes by the name Nietzsche or Titanium Atheist who comments every few days with a comment like this:

I believe the correct response is to start BOMBING & Burning down their churches!

Um, yeah. Threats of violence is a quick way for a lifetime ban on this blog. I’ve got enough stuff to do without having to worry about what this jackass will say on my blog next.

Oh, the fun part about banning someone is the email you inevitably get when the perpetrator realizes he’s banned and writes to you irate that you’re taking away his constitutional right to be a dick. No, I still believe you should be able to say whatever you want. Just not on my dime. Get your own blog. And I’ve never banned anyone just for disagreeing with something I’ve posted. (Ok, this might not be true. I remember once a commenter who kept telling me that I sucked and should quit blogging. I took his advice with a small adjustment and just quit him. He wrote me soon after irate that he couldn’t comment anymore on a blog which he wanted to stop.)


  1. “I believe the correct response is to start BOMBING & Burning down their churches!”

    Now, I didn’t see the context of the above remark, but to be fair, that WOULD be the correct response if say, they were using these churches as breeding labs to grow an army of mutant flesh-eating zombies. Doesn’t look so exteme NOW, does it!

  2. Not that it is an original idea but if one was not living in the US, then it sort of makes sense.

    If these organizations expand by not paying taxes then what is the opposite? The power to tax is the power to destroy.

    If bombing and burning are threats of violence then so to are taxes.

    Easy conclusion to ban such a person. Anymore it’s fairly easy to get banned. Last time I got banned was posting Lord Byron quotes in a political forum. Since that I am not very interested in posting anything except the few times I have posted here. But no matter what, you should be in charge of content. Not sure what it’s all worth but I enjoy reading the home page here and would surely keep reading even if I was banned. The other sites where I have been banned I don’t even bother.

  3. @CuttingEdge

    If bombing and burning are threats of violence then so to are taxes.

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve read today. And I was at the Rapture Ready forum earlier.

  4. I can name a Baptist church that was brought down by the Feds in Indianapolis because of taxes. Was that a dumb idea?

    I encounter my relative that brings up Jesus and him telling Paul or whomever not to pay the taxes or to go fish until he can pull out a gold coin from a fishes ass.

    To me and to him it sounds as if Jesus is saying not to pay taxes or tribute to evil. I am not sure what the Romans did and to whom and I doubt if they were entirely evil but certainly there was corruption. I also have been to Rome and most of Italy and those temples do not look very intact or stood the test of time.

    If using logic is being dumb then clearly I am insulted.

  5. Dear Chris,

    I enjoy your blog and, hey, it’s your blog so do with it as you will… just thought I’d give you feedback that I’m among those (the hyper-critical irrationalists) who think you’re banning way to many great people. There are a billion blogs out there that ban people and to turn yours into another one dilutes what was so grand about it. Yours was/is unique and a different animal and I hope you’ll return to what made it so special before this fascination with banning people began.

    Best regards,

  6. @CuttingEdge

    I have no idea what you’re trying to say nor do I really care since it doesn’t seem to have ANYTHING to do with the thread’s topic. This thread has to do with banning commenters for being douchebags or threats of violence.

  7. I am just trying to figure out why someone would get banned for saying something like that. You have your reasons and just by making any comment I would have to agree with you. But for you to say my comments are dumb sort of sets you up for something you probably are not or something I would rather not comment about. I can see “that” as being off topic.

    We can agree that religious people are fanatics or believe completely in what they do or think is right. For someone you banned to say what he thinks is the way to stop that sort of thinking could be an informed opinion. I don’t know. Certainly I can’t change my relative’s mind on religion through argument and I doubt if that is what I would want to do because his opinion is highly valued no matter how dumb I think he is for saying it.

  8. @CuttingEdge

    I am just trying to figure out why someone would get banned for saying something like that.

    Really? You have no idea why someone would get banned from a blog for talking about blowing things up? Welcome to Cynical-C Ted Kaczynski!

    Why are you even in my life? Why am I even dealing with someone this stupid who compares taxes to bombing buildings? Go find a good blog. This one sucks.

  9. [ed. note. He’s been banned but I thought I’d post his last comment to illustrate the wackjobs I have to deal with on a daily basis.]

    just erase everything I posted. If you are going to ban me do it right. Get rid of me and my comments. You don’t want to have an honest conversation.

    You know I have been protesting taxes longer than you have had this website. Your dime goes to paying oppression. And I can see you like it.

  10. Classic mirth making at it’s pinnacle. One glaring fact that the public offenders of this blog fail to realize is that the blog is voluntary. Nobody is forcing them to read. Moreover, if you’re so enraged by the blog…move on. There’s probably a hundred other blogs that might more happily share this person’s point of view.

    And the inevitable shock and awe of finding one’s self banned from a blog where the offender has nothing to offer but the opposed reaction to anything posted regardless of what the original perspective is/was, is astounding.

    An intelligent, well thought-out counter opinion, even if it’s peppered with some venom, is a welcome and sometimes entertaining point of view. But when the poster’s only consistency is a stream of negativity for the sake of negativity…well, it’s just moronic.

    The irony in all of this is the well thought-out irate and impractical complaint in regards to being banned from posting on a site who’s regulars are senselessly maligned and disrespected.

    How is it that these jackholes find the time to argue for their right to be a member of a blog they so completely and categorically loathe and despise?

    Indeed, at some point a good culling of the flock is never a bad thing. It’s sad to think that anyone needs to be banned.

    But morons are creative. Give them a place to voice a public opinion and they’ll find a way to fuck it up.

    I never agreed with the saying, “if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all.” Life would be pretty boring if that were the case. And linear at best. But jeez, moderation is the key to all things good.

    Some people just don’t seem to realize the magnitude of the words they use or the connotations that lie within.

    “Run to the Hills!”

  11. @CuttingEdge —

    1. It’s C’s blog. He can ban whom he wants, for whatever reason.

    2. Banning some putz for inciting others to bomb and burn churches is completely justifiable.

    3. Taxes against churches = violence? Wha? Aside from the fact that your bizarre little non-sequitur makes NO freakin’ sense — the real problem is that churches AREN’T taxed. I’ve yet to hear a convincing argument as to why they deserve special tax status, especially when so many of them stamp and holler and gnash teeth if their agenda isn’t writ large in the public forum. Carlin said it best: “If religion wants to have such a huge say in politics and public policy, let ’em pay their fucking admission price like everybody else.”

  12. I miss Cutting Edge already.

    I like how he admits that he gets banned from every blog and forum he comments on and then gets banned from this one about 3 comments down the line. Classic.

  13. I’m willing to bet that Cutting Edge was the same banned user in the first instances of this topic.

    And really? Inciting violence to relaliate against violence? The irony tastes quite salty today.

  14. @CuttingEdge —

    Quit stealing my thunder. I’ve been saving my modified copy/paste post for a long time and there you go taking all the fun out of it.

  15. Oh, and:

    I visit this site everyday, even on the weekends just in case you post new stuff even though you never do. While I may not enjoy everything I find on your site, I think most everyone appreciates and respects the amount of time and effort (and $$$) you put into it.

    Just one question though. Are you going to follow this up tomorrow with “How to get banned from commenting on Cynical-C while commenting on How to get banned from commenting on Cynical-C”?

    Best Regards,

  16. Power corrupts. Posting what you want.

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely. People get banned for arguing.

    I love this blog.

    P.S. Don’t ban me, please. 😉

  17. “Just one question though. Are you going to follow this up tomorrow with “How to get banned from commenting on Cynical-C while commenting on How to get banned from commenting on Cynical-C”?”

    Please don’t do that, as amusing as it may be, there is no stop condition, so the danger of getting trapped in a recursive infinite loop (or at least, until the forum software hangs for having a topic title length overflow) are rather high.

  18. I have developed some simple scripts and mod_rewrite rules which you may be interested in.

    They operate based upon IP address, network (goodbye AOL!), operating system/browser, or even a simple cookie (which could be set upon login to a banned account) to effectively lock out anyone you would prefer to ban from your site.

    (I like to display the message “This is not for you.” – seems to get the point across)

  19. I don’t really know what to say but I feel like I want to get involved anyway. I’m not too sure why, but this is all mighty interesting, so here I am.

  20. does it qualify as irony in a post about how a person would go about getting banned, that another person manages to get banned?

    either way, that was amusing.

  21. I love a spirited comment thread, and have been known to provoke them by posting something I know will get people riled up. It doesn’t work on MY blog, since nobody comments there anyway, but on more popular sites it can be a lot of fun.

    It’s funny how many surfers think the internet is a public space in a democratic nation. Some of it is, but a blog is like the webmaster’s home. Here, everyone is invited in as long as they act decent. When they don’t, bye-bye, at the homeowner’s whim. Some homes will put up with more bad behavior than others. Some only let friends (registered users) in. We are all lucky Chris has opened his doors, so he makes the house rules. Anyone who doesn’t like it should go to a more public neighborhood on the net, or build their own house and make their own rules.

  22. It like when peter asked jesus if it was fair to ban people commenting on his blog and jesus said it was okay if the commenter was pullin their remarks out of a fish’s ass.

    Well he definitely mentions something about fish at some point anyway.

  23. +2 Incredulous. What the hell is going on, did all the radicals drink the Kool Aid while I was asleep this week? Shakesville is probably going away since the evl trolls keep abusing the comment logs there too. Let’s all keep in mind this is Cyncical-C’s cocktail party and if you’re going to puke in his planter and threaten to burn/blow up his house then…bubeye!

  24. @ Angry Sam “I believe the correct response is to start BOMBING & Burning down their comments!” Yes! For the win.

    But everyone has left a solid contribution. And if I may say so, Cutting Edge was my least favorite ice skating film.

  25. You know I suddenly feel incredible flattered and privileged that I’ve been allowed to vent my spleen here so often – thank you! 😀

    Just because this is the internet does not mean people can come over and pee in your pool.

    I have a bad case of “foot-in-mouth” disease and I know it, and appreciate a good smack when it rears it’s ugly little troll-like head…

    but apparently some people don’t know they need treatment for it too…

  26. The Constitution is directed at free speech protection from the GOVERNMENT, not individuals. I can tell you to STFU and GTFO, as long as I’m not representing the government.

  27. @ gruggach: LOL.

    @ Julia S.: I’m copying you. Ban-worthy behavior?

    @ Ben: You have me there. I can’t think of one good one. That should be Chris’s next QOD. Name one good ice skating movie. Slap shot doesn’t count. Neither does March of the Penguins.

  28. I was got banned from a Rush board (the band, not the guy). Another member said something negative about them, and I said “I’m surprised your post is still here. The mods tend to remove negative comments on this site. I said something similar [I cited the comment in question] and my post was deleted.”

    Bang… BANNED!

    Wow, they showed me. I’d care if there weren’t about a million other Rush boards to go to.

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