How to Get Banned From Commenting on Cynical-C

I’m not exactly sure how many people have commented on this blog but the total number of comments is slightly over 60,000. And with all those comments, I’ve only had to ban about a dozen people who think that I’m footing the bill for them to be complete jackasses. Most were banned for insulting other commenters after being warned several times to cool it. A few others were banned for racist or homophobic comments. And then you have the person I just banned today who goes by the name Nietzsche or Titanium Atheist who comments every few days with a comment like this:

I believe the correct response is to start BOMBING & Burning down their churches!

Um, yeah. Threats of violence is a quick way for a lifetime ban on this blog. I’ve got enough stuff to do without having to worry about what this jackass will say on my blog next.

Oh, the fun part about banning someone is the email you inevitably get when the perpetrator realizes he’s banned and writes to you irate that you’re taking away his constitutional right to be a dick. No, I still believe you should be able to say whatever you want. Just not on my dime. Get your own blog. And I’ve never banned anyone just for disagreeing with something I’ve posted. (Ok, this might not be true. I remember once a commenter who kept telling me that I sucked and should quit blogging. I took his advice with a small adjustment and just quit him. He wrote me soon after irate that he couldn’t comment anymore on a blog which he wanted to stop.)