1. It always takes everything in me not to email these places about how they mask their hatred under the guise of “morality”. The thing is, no matter what a level-headed individual says to these Bible thumping lunatics, they just refuse to listen or understand how insanely hypocritical their preaching is. It’s worse than talking to a brick wall.

  2. You should check out this church’s web site (http://www.spiritonecc.org/). Look at their current events section – apparently the pastor has been arrested on numerous occasions, and even claimed the U.S. needs to repent for electing Obama, whom he claims is not a Christian because he’s not evangelical. What a wack-job! He gives REAL Christians a bad name.

  3. Been a good discussion on Jezebel about how others that support this guy/post details about other doctors like him are domestic terrorists.

    Would like to see THAT spelled out to these fundie idiots.

  4. Hey now, P.J., you haven’t met all of us. I’d like to see a “most” in there somewhere.
    Although I do see your point. 😉

  5. Laura, I’d be much more willing to use “most” in reference to the Christians if only the wingnuts seemed to be a small minority. However, as vocal and visible as the fundamentalists are, it sure looks as if they’re the majority. I mean, let’s face it–for most of us, they’re the voice and face of modern American Christianity. Now, if this isn’t the case, as you’re suggesting, perhaps you need to take back your religion from those who’ve hijacked it. Until then, I don’t see the rest of us as having much choice but to lump you all together, because as long as you’re not actively doing anything to combat what they’re doing, you’re just as guilty as they are.

  6. PJ your comment sounds like something I would expect from a die hard Fox news viewer, just because all you hear about is the crazy stuff doesn’t mean its the norm. or the majority.

    On another note, I heard the clinic that Dr. Tiller worked at is closing its doors. This unfort. will re-enforce the nut jobs concept that his murder payed off.

  7. The problem, wileybot, is that not enough of the people who claim to believe as Laura does–and I’m sure they consider themselves in the majority of Christians–are not nearly vocal enough in drowning out the hatred and bigotry of the rest. For example, we sure didn’t hear enough from them during the Prop 8 fiasco. Or does it mean that, possibly, they really AREN’T in the majority?

  8. When I first saw the sign I thought it was a message from a liquor store. It took seeing it over a couple of days to notice this is from a church. I wonder how many people stop in to buy a fifth of whisky.

  9. I hear you PJ and I think its the silent majority. To be honest i think people are afraid of these extremists and to challenge them is to be noticed and once they notice you, well….there crazy.

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