Valley Station Church to Hold Gun Service

From The Courier Journal:

A Valley Station Road church is sponsoring an “Open Carry Church Service” in late June, encouraging people to wear unloaded guns in their holsters, enter a raffle to win a free handgun, hear patriotic music and listen to talks by operators of gun stores and firing ranges.

Pastor Ken Pagano of New Bethel Church said the first-time event is “basically trying to think a little bit outside the box” to promote “responsible gun ownership and 2nd Amendment rights.”

The event, slated for late Saturday afternoon, June 27, is being promoted with online posters, including one using a red font resembling splattered blood with the words: “Open Carry Church Service.”

Pagano said the poster wasn’t intended to glorify bloodshed and that the lettering was just “a font that somebody developed.” And he said he didn’t want the event to be confused with regular Sunday worship at the Assemblies of God congregation.

“It’s just a celebration we’re doing to coincide with Fourth of July,” he said. “There are people who own firearms and do so responsibly and enjoy them as a sport, maybe like golfing or bowling.”

Here’s the church website
promoting the pray-n-shoot.

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  1. These gun loving folks lose all credibility of promoting “responsible gun ownership” when they do things like use blood fonts.

  2. Just sent them this email…

    “Just wanted you to know…I was considering the possibility of asking Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. I know I need him for eternal salvation. Then I read your website about the gun service and realized that, if this is what Christianity is about, I’m going to stay as far away from it as I can. I read the entire bible, and nowhere did I see anything that remotely suggested anything like this as a directive for a church.

    Thanks for letting me know that Christianity is not for me.”

    (Ok, so I lied about thinking about accepting christ, but I figured…what the hell, make them think a little bit about what they’re doing.)

  3. A few months ago, I was back in the midwest to care for a sick relative and there was the chance to take a day and drive around and see the places my family grew up.

    Driving through the lot of the Catholic church that is now in an immigrant community, we were astonished to read the sign on the class doors,

    “No handguns allowed in sanctuary.”

    We were so surprised we laughed. Why would anybody need to post a sign for the obvious? We grew up in another era and sadly, times have changed. Who brought guns to a church? Why?

    I wonder what the priests of that St. Louis parish would think about a gun totin’ service.

    I’m trying imagine hymns adapted to gun worship- I’m sure there are others on this blog who could come up with some hilarious lines.

  4. I’m not religious (agostic) and I’m not a fan of Christianity. I do Not have a problem with what they are doing. I lean towards the ownership of guns and do not want to give that up.
    But i have to wonder if they have a day dedicated to packing bowling balls?

  5. They’re just asking for an ironic news story or a mention in the Darwin Awards when someone accidentally fires their weapon and hurts or kills someone in that church during “Open Carry Church Service” day.

    And I’m not against gun ownership, either, but when people get to the point where they’re defined by their weapons and almost worship them as some kind of symbol of their “beliefs” and constantly brag defensively about them… that’s when it becomes something else.

    I once had a death threat made against me in the form of an email from a church group. The “watch your back if you ever come around here again” style note was signed, “Proud Christian Gun Owners.”

  6. Heh, Seems fine to me.

    Y’all aren’t from around here are ya?

    No need to panic. Normal, everyday thing around these parts.

  7. How about a:

    ‘Bring your gun to church day and sell it. The proceeds will be donated to buy needy families health insurance, or feed some hungry kids.’

    That would impress me.

  8. We are not associating guns and Jesus, we are saying as a christian you have the same rights as anyone else. We would just like gun owners to be responsible and we support the 2nd ammendment right. If you let the government take away that right,hummm I wonder which one will be next freedom of speech?

  9. @Tina,

    #1 Where exactly is the movement to repeal the 2nd amendment? Point me to a serious effort to repeal your right to arms and I’ll take that seriously.

    #2 80% of the country is Christian. How exactly can you consider yourself persecuted where people are saying you don’t have the same rights as others when you are in the majority?

    #3 Guns are weapons. How exactly do you manage to say on one hand that Jesus was a pacifist and that we should all follow his example when you are armed as you say this?

    #4 How are you not associating guns with Jesus when you are bringing them to your place of worship?

    Those are the first few questions that popped into my head. I may have more.

  10. Regardless of your political philosophy, last I checked, the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution allows the “the right to keep and bear arms.”

  11. That original blood font was seriously a poor choice.

    Sounds about right for Kentucky and America in general really.

    So are they changing that slogan to “Guns don’t kill people; Christians kill people”? Seems like that shirt would be a hot seller!

    Oh, and to all responsible gun owners who can now carry loaded weapons into national parks, please be careful and watch your background.

  12. What would Jesus shoot?

    Velociraptors. Democrats. Guy Fieri. Late term abortion providers. Unwilling altar boys. Anyone who likes burritos. Star Wars fans. Free thinkers. The Octo-Mom. Gene Simmons. The City of Spokane. Every American Idol contestant. Kittens. Dane Cook. Scooby Doo. That mouth-breathing guy three cubicles over. Zombies. Sham-Wow owners. Richard Dawkins. Liberace (yes, he’s already dead, but he’d use his super-powers to raise him up and shoot him!!)

    He’s got an itchy trigger finger, sue him.

  13. I hope it wasn’t supposed to be a “blood font” (how creepy would that be?!) but rather a poor attempt at giving it a “wax seal” look. Still ironic.

  14. This seems like less of a regular church and more of a recruiting station for the Christin Taliban. Allah akhbar!!!! Bang bang!!!

  15. The second amendment talks about a ‘well-regulated militia’, not a ‘dumb-ass congregation.

    I can just picture it now:
    “Hey hon, open this here beer can for me wouldya?
    “Sure thing, doll.”
    “There ya go.”

    Very responsible.

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