• Dido

    Forget Habeas Corpus much?

  • Thornet

    Those cops weren’t exactly sprinters.

  • Deeb

    i didn’t hear the cops state what the charge was for arrest…

  • Deeb

    and “resisting arrest” is not a reasonable charge without an initial reason for arrest in the first place!

  • God DOES work in mysterious ways.

  • anazgnos

    Wow, he sounds exactly like the guy Godspeed You Black Emperor sampled talking about “endless corridors unto his perfection”.

  • He might be a bag of cashews, but he does still have rights (like habeas corpus). Awful lot of dumbass asshole cops in this country, deserving less and less of the respect that they require.

  • Palli

    I thought he deserved it. He ran away after saying his wife was filming. Genius.

  • FlamingAtheist

    I smell a viral! And someone needs to sign that guy for a Richard Dreyfuss biopic, reminded me of a young (and very crazy) Dreyfuss

  • Angry Sam

    Yeah, it definitely does matter what the charge is. Before all that religious whathaveyou he was talking legal sense. Dude ran away on his wife, though. BBF3 wouldn’t do that, would he, anazgnos?

  • joe

    Huh… An Atheist praising god over police officers doing their jobs… I guess everyone missed where the police officers said he had a warrant for his arrest. True the officers could have been more professional by telling him what the warrant was for (some municipalities are requiring this now), but would it have made any difference? They told him there was a warrant for his arrest, that didn’t stop him. But I’m sure he would have stopped everything and went quietly if the officers had just told his what the warrant was for…
    And Habeas Corpus is a civil (not criminal) proceeding that has nothing to do with the police officer making the arrest. If the Officers had managed to arrest him, nothing they did would have stopped him from filing an ex parte motion of habeas corpus.
    What they did wrong was not waring the man they would use the tazer, and using it on someone who is prone to make them comply. It is hard to believe two officers can’t subdue one 5150 without the use of a tazer (but after watching them run, I’m not surprised)… What they should have used is their radio… They had him subdued, just sit on him and let him sing all he wants till backup arrives.
    It’s easy to be an armchair quarterback, and insult and criticize people. It’s easy to react instead of think when we see a video like this. But before we open our mouths and suddenly become legal experts, or hate mongers, think first…
    Remember these people have a job where they put their lives on the line every day…. and yes, they make mistakes (but everyone does). Put yourselves in their shoes, and try to show some respect.

  • @joe

    Huh… An Atheist praising god over police officers doing their jobs…

    Um yeah. That’s what we call sarcasm.

  • Bubbly Bob

    what does Habeas Corpus have to do with anything?

    Habeas Corpus is about having the right to face your accuser in a court of law – ie. after you’re arrested and brought before a judge.

    Nothing in this video suggests it would have happened otherwise.

  • Leels

    That clinches it! Proof. God exists!

    Judaism here I come!

    @ Joe (Joe the cop?)

    The above was sarcasm as well.

  • FlamingAtheist

    The guy’s voice is so familiar, even more than Richard Dreyfuss, I’m thinking Jerky Boys – “Oh, I’m suing you” “for what?” “Punitive damages, that you’re giving me”

  • joe


    no that’s called facetiousness. my comment, the one you highlighted, that’s sarcasm.

    (and no, I’m not a cop…)

  • Rev

    @ Joe.


  • Bryce

    They still didn’t tell him why he was arrested, even if they did have a warrant.

  • joe


    Well yes and no… The warrant IS the reason why he’s being arrested. A warrant is issued by the courts, not police officers, it must show probable cause that 1) a crime was committed and 2) that the person in the warrant committed the crime.
    Patrol officers and deputies generally serve bench, and outstanding arrest warrants. A bench warrant is usually issued when someone fails to make a court appearance (contempt of court). An immediate on-site arrest is authorized by the courts. A arrest warrant is usually outstanding because the named individual is intentionally avoiding the law. In all likelyhood this guy knew what he was being arrested for. Still, explaining the specific charge is always a good idea. But the time to do that is not when your fighting with the suspect. Let’s be realistic, do you really want to have a conversation while wrestling with some 5150 guy screaming at the top of his lungs. Would explaining the reason for his arrest after he was detained, read his rights, and placed in the patrol car have been wrong?
    Truly the thing these police officers did wrong was their lazy half ass arrest tactics. If the two officers couldn’t detain the suspect they should have called for backup. The radio is a much more powerful tool than the Tazer. Although the officers were justified in using the Tazer. It’s their poor judgement and improper tactics that lead to it being deployed. Some serious retraining is needed.

  • Tom Coward

    The officers are arresting him pursuant to an outstanding warrant. It doesn’t matter what the warrant was for (in some states the warrant doesn;t even say what it is for), as the warrant is just an order to the cops to arrest so-and-so. The arrestee can challenge the warrant at any time, before or after he is in custody.

  • FlamingAtheist

    I still stand by ‘Viral Hoax’ for this. But the debate y’all are having is entertaining.