Mercy Abortions: What Dr. Tiller Did

From RH Reality Check:

Without a doubt, the number one reason for abortions past 24 weeks is the late discovery of a fetal anomaly incompatible with life. I’ve talked with many women who find themselves in this situation and it is always an extremely difficult and heart-wrenching situation. Many women even underwent infertility treatments to become pregnant. But, when the pregnancy goes horribly awry, a Mercy Abortion is the best solution in a no-win situation. These are women who need abortion more than many others. Therefore, it’s ironic that they are the ones being punished by focusing on the procedures that are life-saving for them.

One of the reasons for this is that many of these anomalies aren’t apparent in pregnancy until the later stages. Also, most women get a sonogram paid for by insurance in the early weeks of pregnancy, but don’t get another one until well after 20-22 weeks.

Imagine if you can that you are happily carrying a baby that you’ve wanted all your life. You’ve had the baby showers and decorated the room already. Then comes the devastating news that the baby is anencephalic. That means that the baby has no brain and will die a horrible death shortly after birth….

…You’re 28 weeks along and the OB/GYN that’s been caring for you can’t help you out. You see, the hospital where he practices will gladly take your money and let you give birth there, but they won’t let your OB/GYN perform a Mercy Abortion on you so that you can maintain your fertility for future pregnancies and lessen the devastation on you and your family by ending the pregnancy now.

Oh no. The powers that be want you to carry that anencephalic baby for 10 more weeks, then give birth, then slowly watch it die right in front of your eyes. Now, if that’s how you want to handle the situation, fine. But, if you’d like a more merciful ending to this tragic situation, a trip to Dr. Tiller or Dr. Hern might be in order. For now, that is.


  1. Thanks for posting that. I’ve always suspected that the “pro-life” crowd was misrepresenting late term abortions. But I didn’t have any facts at hand to make the case to support their availability. Until now.

  2. Seems the biggest error they make is imagining that people WANT to have abortions or that they ENJOY them and can’t get enough of them or that they aren’t emotionally impacted by the experience.

    Similar to medical marijuana. They imagine that people with cancer just want to get stoned for fun, and are therefore evil and should be stopped.

    It’s more of that simplistic thinking that fundamentalists learn and teach. They reduce it to things like: This person is evil… that person is holy. Evil people therefore must love to kill babies, etc…

    Meanwhile, watch these same people screaming and foaming at the mouth over how much they love the death penalty, and how they wish they could be the one to ”pull the switch.“

  3. It’s all about misdirection by the right. In reality these late term abortions make up around 1% of the total abortions performed out there. More interesting tidbits:

    “In Kansas, where Tiller practiced, late-term abortions are allowed only on fetuses that would not be viable outside the womb and only if two doctors agree the woman would otherwise suffer irreparable harm.”

  4. Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to live through life, blocking out any kind of information that would contradict my views. It must either be awesome or incredibly stressful.

  5. Regarding your insulting and incorrect remarks about those of us who support the life of the unborn, it brings to mind the saying, “The only exercise your minds get is jumping to conclusions.” How come you tell us what we think? You have no clue. Let me tell you what we KNOW:

    “According to recent polling, a majority of Americans oppose abortion…

    “In a country with approximately 150 million pro-lifers, five abortionists have been killed since Roe v. Wade.

    “In that same 36 years, more than 49 million babies have been killed by abortionists. 49 million to five.

    “So in a country that is more than 50 percent pro-life — and 80 percent opposed to the late-term abortions of the sort performed by Tiller — only five abortionists have been killed.

    “But the killing of about one abortionist per decade leads liberals to condemn the entire pro-life movement …

    “Tiller bragged about performing 60,000 abortions, including abortions of viable babies, able to survive outside the mother’s womb. He made millions of dollars performing late-term abortions so gruesome that only two other abortionists — not a squeamish bunch — in the entire country would perform them.”

    The other thing we know is that this article is not factual and is a total whitewash, and that Dr. Tiller and his murderer are both killers. Pulling a baby halfway out of the womb (so that you do not get arrested for murder if you take the baby out completely), then plunging scissors into its skull and inserting equipment into the skull to remove the brain, etc. in order to flatten the skull, is not the act of a kind, generous man, as your liberal media is portraying Tiller. BTW, sixty thousand abortions at $400 per baby or $5,000 for each viable babies, is a lot of blood money.

    You realize, of course, that late term, and earlier, babies feel pain, therefore abortion is also torture. You know that liberal saying, “How would you like to be waterboarded?” Well, I say to you, “Would you like to be aborted.?”

  6. “Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to live through life, blocking out any kind of information that would contradict my views. It must either be awesome or incredibly stressful.”

    Like you, lumpy?

  7. You people should join together and hire a non-partisan, honest detective to check ooout the following facts, which are true:

    “In return for blood money from Tiller’s profitable abattoir, Democrats ran a political protection racket for the late-term abortionist.

    “In 1997, The Washington Post reported that Tiller attended one of Bill Clinton’s White House coffees for major campaign contributors. In addition to a $25,000 donation to Clinton, Tiller wanted to thank him personally for 30 months of U.S. Marshals’ protection paid for by the U.S. taxpayer.

    “Kansas Democrats who received hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars from Tiller repeatedly intervened to block any interference with Tiller’s abortion mill.

    “Kathleen Sebelius, who was the governor of Kansas until Obama made her Health and Human Services Secretary, received hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars from Tiller. Sebelius vetoed one bill restricting late-term abortions and another one that would have required Tiller to turn over his records pertaining to “substantial and irreversible conditions” justifying his late-term abortions.

    “Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison also got elected with the help of Tiller’s blood money, replacing a Republican attorney general who was in the middle of an investigation of Tiller for various crimes including his failure to report statutory rapes, despite performing abortions on pregnant girls as young as 11.

    “But soon after Morrison replaced the Republican attorney general, the charges against Tiller were reduced and, in short order, he was acquitted of a few misdemeanors. In what is a not uncommon cost of doing business with Democrats, Morrison is now gone, having been forced to resign when his mistress charged him with sexual harassment and corruption.

    “Tiller was protected not only by a praetorian guard of elected Democrats, but also by the protective coloration of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.”

  8. Since you guys want us to stop our “rhetoric” (free speech), we’ll just have to shut up and send photos, right?

  9. I am very sorry for young girls who have abortions, because you abortionists teach them nothing but to abort their babies, instead of alternatives, like adoption.
    All you want to have taught in schools is the use of condoms (which it seems aren’t being used too much, according to all the pregnancies.. What’s wrong with also teaching girls that it is OK if they say No, because they are the ones who will get pregnant, not the guy. Also, if she is going to get involved in a sexual relationship, use contraceptives, and if she gets pregnant, take the morning after pill. Instead of abortion she should know that there are lots of people waiting to adopt a baby because they themselves cannot get pregnant. I know that, because I volunteered at Birthright, a wonderful Catholic organization that helps pregnant girls. (I am not Catholic by the way. We sometimes received calls from couples pleading with us to let them adopt a baby, which we couldn’t do because Birthright is not an adoption agency.
    ADOPTION, NOT ABOMINATION! How many of those 49 million abortions were necessary because the mother’s health would be jeopardized if not.


  10. @Juanita

    I understand you feel strongly. You put up some startling statements there. However, not everyone feels the same way as you do.

    Respect that.

  11. “In that same 36 years, more than 49 million babies have been killed by abortionists. 49 million to five.”

    So, it sounds like your pretty upset about their only being 5 pro-choicers dead. Would you be happier if the number were more even? How many people who are pro choice need to die before you are happy?

  12. Juanita, I WISH adoption was that easy. There are way too many babies and way too many people wanting babies for there to be so few adoptions.

    Also Juanita, for or against gay adoptions? That’s a lot of couples who want babies too.

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