• Dido

    That’s one hell of an earthquake going on over there. I hope there wasn’t too much damage.

  • Neil

    This wins the most bizarre video of the day award. Looks like she got cured from depression but then gets hit with severe acid reflux from time to time.

  • Dave

    When is she getting her show on FOX News?

  • Erich Schrempp

    Looks like she’s gonna spend some time prayin’ to the Lord of Porcelain. …..AAAAAAllleLUUUUyaaa……

  • DJ

    in one of her other videos she actually admits to being drunk, followed by the quote:

    “drink your fill of lovers *woah* of jesus’s love”

  • Bubbly Bob

    it’s like jesus’s invisible hand keeps slapping her, trying to get her attention, maybe tell her to get back on the meds…

    “jesus’s intoxicating love” indeed…haha (umm, I mean whoa!)

  • Incredulous

    She may be chemically enhanced, but I don’t think it’s booze. X maybe? Then again, it could just be the hella crazy.

    As an aside, can somebody explain what it is that speaking in tongues is supposed to accomplish? Is Jesus a fan of Roger Miller or something?

  • TC

    Seems a little Tourette-y to me.

  • I’ll be waiting for jesus to cure all depression ‘in his name’. Still waiting. Stiiiilllllll waiting…

  • GT

    Jesus is a hell of a drug.

  • I don’t think she was speaking in tongues… I think she was doing a Leeloo impersonation.

  • Dan

    Speaking in tongues is supposed to be an involuntary act of worship… One that only God can understand. Like, it’s the Holy Spirit using your body as an instrument of worship.

  • Valeria

    Looks like Tourette’s Syndrome to me, too.

  • orangefall

    Looks like crazy. Whoa! That and her nose nose is bleeding from the coke she just snorted.

  • -l

    I don’t know – is this fake? I was raised in a Pentecostal (tongue-speaking church) and it doesn’t look like this in my experience. The near falling and saying “whoa” though the actual tongues sounded much like the real thing ( I tend to think of it as a weird state of consciousness, not just faking). However, she is saying “whoa” even when she is not falling. I don’t get it.
    Incredulous – Pentecostals speak in tongues based on a scripture commanding Christians to speak in tongues to “build your most holy faith”. Also, its generally expected to “confound the devil”, to be a more direct communication with God, and when it is not a known language it is assumed to be sort of practice for heaven, where a certain language not spoken on earth will be spoken – since you asked.

  • Rev. Snarfleez J. Cattleprod

    I smirked at the first couple of “whoas”, just thinking she was drunk, but quickly became concerned… this doesn’t look like any manner of drunk I’ve seen. TC said what I was thinking – it seems like Tourettes. If she hasn’t sought any yet, this poor girl may need serious medical attention.

    And to “-I”, this really doesn’t look fake to me. Her voice patterns, phrasing, and inflection look a lot like what I’ve seen in pentecostal churches (I went too, for a while).

    I checked a few of her vids, and one caught my interest: “There is Love No Matter What” (most notably the :30 and 1:32 marks). In it, she has herself wedged into a corner – presumably to combat the vertigo and convulsions. She’s not so hopped up on her own euphoria in this video, so it’s easier to gauge her state. It’s as plain-spoken as she gets. Even in this state, her twitches seem involuntary.

    I would say, it’s very likely that she’s using the euphoric state brought about by that brand of worship to combat the unpleasant sensations brought on by the twitches. Strangely, it seems to be working for her, to some extent.

  • Ben L.

    I think she’s tripping

  • niel

    terribly confusing.

    I’m betting on tourettes… but check this one out:

    “pre-wacking, wacking.”

    hmmm. that probably doesn’t mean what I think it means.

  • James

    The video is definately better if you keep in mind a fictional person just off camera giving her head while she’s raving about how Jesus is love. He’s good at it, hence the whoas.