1. “I’d celebrate with a beer but I’m all out of A&W. (I don’t touch that fermented barley juice crap). ”

    HEY!! Same here!!! 😀 I like IBC in particular, but A&W is a favourite as well.

  2. Hmmmm, REALLY excited about? My $40 used bike? I haven’t bought anything remotely exciting thanks to my lazy ass being in grad school.

    I need a job.

  3. Every year, I get excited that the new Acme Novelty Library is coming out (usually in the fall). It’s the greatest graphic novel of all time. The artwork is as stunning as the writing. The recent story arc centers around a junior high school circa 1975 or so, but it also features scenes on Mars and goes back in time. It’s an astounding, epic, mind-blowing piece of artistry. This thing makes Sandman and Watchmen seem like comic books!


  4. a couple weeks ago i realized i had every available david cronenberg movie on dvd (even shivers, though it is a greek copy as this dvd has been out of print in the usa for a while) except ‘fast company’, ‘existenz’, and ‘a history of violence’.

    so i nabbed ‘fast company’ and ‘existenz’ from amazon. ‘fast company’ even came with a second disc that included a couple student films that cronenberg made in the 60s.

    good times.
    ill pick up a history of violence from the used dvd shop for like 5$ one of these days, and “m.butterfly” has apparently just been released on dvd, so ill grab that one of these days as well.

    thanks for asking.
    congrats on the new recliner.

  5. Coffee. I’m always excited when I get a good cup of coffee.

    Re: recliners, I had a nice La-Z-Boy that was well worn and comfy but I lost it to the spouse, so last year I got a new one. Even better is it’s actually a ‘tall’ model so my 6’5″ frame fits in it much better, and the foot rest extends out. Still working my ass-grove ala-Homer into it.

  6. Either our new Bertazzoni range hood or the wine steward table. I love the fun new things that come along with room remodels. But later today I am hoping that my answer changes to the new Kit Kat bar.

  7. @Dante, Where did you get a theremin?

    @Erin, I haven’t been that excited since Nestle crunch added caramel to their bars.

    @Flaming Mrs. C. objected until she sat down in it and nearly fell asleep in the store. We may have to fight each other for use of it.

  8. It’s been some months now, but I was very excited when I bought a real chinese wok. One that comes metal-gray and that you have to season with grease in the fire so it becomes black and non-sticky, better than Teflon.
    To this day I love cooking something in it. It just tastes better. It’s also thrilling when the oil catches fire for a second.

  9. A 12″ All-Clad fry pan. Seared some cod last night.

    No beer? Although I admit it doesn’t go that great with bacon (OJ for that).

  10. And die of alcohol poisoning, right Deeb!

    Okay, I change my answer to a new tire for my bike so I can get to work gas free again! Suck it, dinosaur juice! (Yes I’m ignoring the petro-chemicals involved in making my tire and paint, etc.)

  11. I have a theremin as well. You can still buy them from the grand-daddy of all theremin makers, MOOG, here:


    that’s the same one Jimmy Page used to use. A bit pricey for a “novelty”, but cheap for a well-built theremin.

    Or, get Cynikitty to play a “mini” version:

    most recent purchase I would excited about: a nice set of studio monitors/speakers. I know… borrrriinnnngg.

  12. I just found a Gary Winogrand photo book at Powell’s tonight and I’m pretty darned excited about that.

    @Sparkles: I’ll be excited too when I pick up my copy of Sims 3 later today!

  13. @Danno Plasma is better than LCD anyway, so you did well. 50″ plasma is probably the last thing I was excited about too, if you don’t count every morsel I put into my mouth. I’m a glutton.

  14. My Square1 Rubiks cube I ordered off ebay (cuz u cant buy them in the store no more) its really nifty n changes shape! the reg one just wasnt cool enough

  15. I was really excited to buy a banjo today. For the last three weeks I was strung along by a craigslist seller, promising that I’d be able to purchase his banjo “next Friday.” Each Friday was a big disappointment, so when I finally just went to the music store and bought one it was pretty awesome.

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